USC Impresses Top-Rated Tackle on Visit

Daquan Bowers is projected to be one of the top two players coming out of the state of South Carolina in the class of 2008, along with A.J. Green. The 6'6" 245 pound junior defensive tackle from Bamberg Ehrhardt HS (Bamberg, SC) made an unofficial visit to the University of South Carolina to take in their game this last weekend against Georgia, and came away impressed.

"I had a lovely time over at Carolina. Lovely," he said. "I just liked being around the Carolina players, coaches, the fans, it's mind-blowing when you get up there."

Bowers had previously stated that Clemson was his favorite team. When asked if that is still accurate, he said, "Clemson, South Carolina, and Georgia right are level with each. It's wide open between those three schools." He said that he's not sure about a time frame for committing right now, stating "It's all open."

He is also receiving contact from Florida, Notre Dame, and Louisville. Though they will not occur for another year, he is considering official visits to these more distant schools. He has now been to the campuses and to games of all three of the schools he named as leaders.

When asked what makes Dequan unique, he stated that, "We had a lot of talent come from our school, Matt (Raysor, current USC player) and Ricky (Sapp, current Clemson player). Everyone wants to compare me to Matt and Ricky. I tell them I don't want to be like them, I want to be remembered for being better than both of those guys. I want to be the best I can be. Whatever team I go to – I just want to help them and do what I can. I am very competitive. I want to be the best at my position wherever I am."

He stated that his strengths as a player are his quickness on the outside edge – ""They've taken me from a three technique defensive tackle to a bandit end, and you have to work on your foot work." He was happy in progress he has made on his speed: "I got my speed down pretty good. I was at 4.6/4.7 in my 40 speed; I've got it down to a 4.4."

On areas he wants to get better in, he stated: "Improve on my draw, a little pass coverage - dropping back in the flats and what not. I got to work on that – that's part of my weakness right there."

Bowers was upbeat in discussing all three schools he's looking closest at.

"Carolina – it's a nice environment, nice campus and facilities. The coaches are nice, the players are good. You can tell at Carolina they care about their players. They want you to leave with a degree. They don't just want you to play ball, they want you to get a degree while you're there. Coach Brad Lawing is my recruiter; he's got a lot of history up under his belt. Almost 20 years of coaching - he can show me what I need to get to play quick and get me up in the NFL one day."

"Clemson – It's loud and bad. The players – the players treat me like I'm already part of the team. Coaches take care of you when you're up there. Everything at Clemson is done first class." Coach Ron West is his recruiter at Clemson. "I have been with Coach West since I was in the eighth grade going to camp - everything I know he has taught me. We kind of vibe, ever since we met, we've been getting along great. He showed me pretty much everything I know right now. I thank him a lot for that."

"Georgia - Whew! Georgia! Coach Fabris, I love all the coaches at Georgia. They want you to leave with a degree too. They do everything first class. They tell you what you've got to do, make sure you go to class; they don't have any players skipping class. They make sure you get done what you got to get done in school before you hit the field." He continued, "Coach Fabris is neat he makes sure you do everything right he makes sure that you ‘get it' He wants you to play. He likes to play ‘em young."

"I'm going to try to get in as many camps next year as I can." he said.

When asked about how his season was going thus far, he had the same enthuisiastic response he did for his visit to Carolina: "It's going lovely." he said.

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