Dakota Walker Discusses Breakout Performance

Sophomore Dakota Walker saw his most extensive action of the season in the Gamecocks 27-20 victory over Wofford on Saturday night, and he responded by making several clutch plays against the Terriers high powered option offense. Walker was rewarded with a game ball for his efforts, and GamecockAnthem.com caught up with him for an interview after the game.

Question: Was this game closer than you wanted?

Answer: Even though we got the "W," we didn't play a good game. That's what we have the whole season for: to get better.

Question: Were you blitzing on the last play?

Answer: I was just trying to shuffle it up and not get up field too quick. That's what they were doing all night, trying to string us out and get up field. I was just trying to string the ball out and try to make a play. It worked out pretty good. It was a good call by Coach Nix.

Question: Is there a feeling of being satisfied after beating a Division 1-AA team?

Answer: A "W" is a "W," I don't care if we're playing a D-III team, it doesn't matter. At the same time, we shouldn't have made it this close of a game. We feel that we could have done a lot better. At the same time, we got the W so we're satisfied with the W.

Question: Where do you see this team compared to other SEC teams?

Answer: We've got a little work to do, but it's not like we can't get there. We just have some work to do.

Question: What were you trying to do on the last play?

Answer: I knew he was going to pitch it because he had it strung out the whole time. [I tried to] just shuffle with it and slow play and just time up the pitch. That's basically what I tried to do. I was trying to do that the whole night, but it finally worked at the end.

Question: Was there a sigh of relief when the game finally ended?

Answer: Yeah, there was. They were only a touchdown down, so it was good.

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