Cody Wells Steps Up In The Clutch

Junior linebacker Cody Wells did not start on Saturday for the first time this season, but Wells responded by making the game saving fumble recovery to preserve the Gamecocks 27-20 victory over Wofford late in the fourth quarter. caught up with Wells after the game, and he shared his thoughts on the night's events.

Question: You had a big lead, but Wofford was able to come back. What happened?

Answer: Mistakes. That will kill you in any game. Unfortunately that is what happened to us. It started off on punt team when they got pressure and it kind of went downhill from there. We stood our ground on defense, and luckily we came out with a victory. 27-20 is still a victory.

Question: Do you think you guys look back at the film you are going to say "There is no way these guys should have been in the ballgame"?

Answer: We're going to evaluate and see what went wrong. Hopefully it was just us and there are problems we can fix and get ready for Florida Atlantic.

Question: Can you take us through the last play?

Answer: We had to get them out of there. We don't want overtime, we want off the field. Dakota Walker made an outstanding play and I was just there for the ball in the air, to pick it up. I thought we stood up on our backs and got off the field.

Question: What was the defense's mindset when Wofford was driving at the end of the game?

Answer: That's the kind of stuff the defense lives for. We love the challenge. Down at the goal line, the fans get loud and the defense lives for that kind of stuff. We like a challenge.

Question: Do you think they would have gone for two if they scored a touchdown?

Answer: That definitely crossed our minds, but they didn't have a chance to do it, so we were very lucky.

Question: How hard is it to defend the option?

Answer: It is tough. Our defense is set up that each player had a certain assignment. I thought we played the quarterback very well, but unfortunately they got outside of us a couple times and got big chunks of yardage.

Question: What's next for the defense?

Answer: We can play a lot better. I know our potential. We made a lot of errors on defense, offense, and special teams, but we're going to go Monday and watch film and fix those.

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