The "Gray" area... Life goes on

GamecockAnthem Feature Columnist Victor Ewing brings the Gary Gray saga to an end with this opinion column on Gray's final decision as to where he'll play football next season.

Finally, we as a Carolina family can move on.

Whether you agree or disagree Gary Gray did what was best for him and his family. Agree or Disagree with how he handled the entire process, from the press conference to the I am 100% percent gamecock statement, people are entitled to change their minds.

Unfortunately some of us as 20 plus, 30 and up individuals, sometimes we accept one job and a better offer comes along paying more money we accept the latter. And our response "I did what was best for me and my family." Not excusing Gray of how he went about things my point is a 17 year old "KID" is entitled to change his mind. The ole saying "sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, and once u get to the other side seeing all the brown grass, you realize it was your grass growing over here on the edge of the fence...." Hopefully that will not be the case for Mr. Gray.

Gray has made his decision our lives must go on. There are so many stories, myths, and "see what had happen was" flying around that would make Pinocchio look like a saint. The old myth there are two sides to the story, well there is four in this particular situation. One is Gary's side, two is Carolina's side, three is Notre Dame's version, and somewhere in between all of this drama is the truth. Bottom line of all of the madness, life goes on. Yes some of us feel as if our bride left us at the altar. Others say the heck with him. Some wish Mr. Gray the best. Others want to crucify his father figure. The fact of the matter is their lives are moving on, so should ours. He made his decision; he has to be the one to live with it. Whether he was right in making his decision only time will tell.

We as a Carolina family must be mindful of how we carry ourselves and the comments that we make. Yes we may not be happy with his decision but be mindful that there are MANY more Gary Gray's out there yesterday, today, and most importantly tomorrow. Other universities will use our frustrations and comments that we make about this situation against us. Even in the midst of our losing and winning seasons there was one constant that opposing schools could never use against us in recruiting. That's us...the Carolina Fans. They could never have anything negative to say about the Carolina fans and the football environment at our wonderful university.

With coach Spurrier at the helm he will get this thing fixed and turned around. He has won at every level. With and without the Gary Grays. There is always one that got away and unfortunately Gary was one of them. Life goes on. There is still the Golden Tate's, Jamire Williams, Akeem Auguste, Ryan Broyles, and Eain Smith's, and not to mention current commitment Addison Williams that we could land. We are in the top two with a lot of these top prospects. Life will go on. Let's focus all of our frustrations and energies on the ones that matter. Coach Spurrier told Travian Robertson, we want you here but if you don't come, I will win with or without you.

I am sure the same holds true for Mr. Gray. Mr. Gray we wish you the best, you have moved on so will the Carolina family.

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