Blake Mitchell: "I'm a Stronger Person Now"

Quarterback Blake Mitchell ran into some off the field trouble last week, but after serving a one week suspension, he is back practicing with the team. caught up with Mitchell for a few minutes after Wednesday's practice, and he commented on the recent events, as well as how glad he is to be back practicing with the team.

Question: What's it like to come back and you've lost your starting job?

Answer: It's one of those things where you get suspended and you sit on the bench for a week. You've just got to come out here and work as hard as you can to get yourself back up there.

Question: Are you different as a person after the recent events?

Answer: Yeah, I think I'm a stronger person now. I'll just learn from my mistakes and use it to help me get better.

Question: Can you comment on what happened at Pavlov's that night?

Answer: Some things happened, and I regret it. I put myself in a bad situation, but right now I'm just glad to be back out here with the team.

Question: Is the football field almost like a sanctuary for you now?

Answer: Oh yeah, you miss it when you're not out here. It might be a little tough when you're out here, but when you're not, it's tough on you.

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