Fred Bennett: FAU Post Game

Senior cornerback Fred Bennett continued his stellar defensive play in the Gamecocks 45-6 victory over Florida Atlantic on Saturday evening, and caught up with Bennett after the game for an interview. Check inside to read his thoughts on the Gamecocks young defense, their performance against Florida Atlantic, and the showdown with Auburn coming up on Thursday night.

Question: What changed after the first drive of the night when Florida Atlantic marched 80 yards in 4 plays?

Answer: I just thought that we went out and worked our game plan to perfection. I thought they came out fired up on that first drive. We went out there a little lackadaisical, but we kind of picked our intensity up.

Question: Is this the kind of game that this team needed considering that Auburn is coming to town on Thursday?

Answer: Yeah, this is a big confidence boost. We needed a win like this for our confidence against Auburn. They're coming in ready to play, and we've just got to be ready to play Thursday.

Question: It's been a long time since you blew a team out like this. How big of a win was this for you?

Answer: It's a real big win. I thought our offense came out and did some amazing things. My hat's off to Florida Atlantic. I thought they came out and did some good things, but I thought we just had it clicking tonight.

Question: How do you guys prepare for Auburn, which will feature the best passing attack you have faced so far this season?

Answer: It's my job to get those guys (younger players) ready. I think in their hearts and their minds, they want to be ready. I think they're ready for the big challenge. I don't think they're our first real big test. I thought we played some real good teams the first couple of games. It might be a big test, but I've just got to get those guys ready to play, and I think they are ready to play in their hearts.

Question: Does Kenny Irons playing for Auburn give you guys any extra incentive heading into that contest?

Answer: No, we just worry about South Carolina. Like I said, they're coming to play Thursday and we're coming to play Thursday. May the best team win.

Question: Have you talked with the younger guys yet about what happened at Auburn last season?

Answer: No, I haven't gotten around to all that. We're just going to enjoy this win tonight, and we'll get around to talking about that tomorrow.

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