Rodney Paulk: FAU Post Game

Freshman linebacker Rodney Paulk has gotten off to a good start in the 2006 season, and he had another solid performance in the Gamecocks win over Florida Atlantic, as he made two tackles and recovered a fumble in a reserve role. caught up with the young talent after the game, and he shared his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Question: Did you feel better going against a more conventional offense tonight, rather than that option attack Wofford ran last week?

Answer: It was a little bit better actually playing against an offense that we're normally used to playing against. So it was a whole lot better.

Question: Is this game a good confidence builder heading into the Auburn game?

Answer: I think it's a real big confidence builder. Obviously Auburn is a real good team, but we're going to work hard in practice this whole week and get ready for Auburn.

Question: What was it like scooping up that fumble in the game tonight?

Answer: It felt good. Everybody did their piece. I forget who it was that hit the quarterback, but the ball came on the ground, and I picked the ball up and tried to run it back. It was a good play in the game, and it built momentum.

Question: How do you think you've progressed on the field since the beginning of the season?

Answer: I've still got a lot to work on fundamental wise like getting off blocks and staying low. That's stuff I'm still working on, and the team is still building together as a team, so we're doing better.

Question: Obviously the defense is pretty young this year, so what's the mindset like going into the game with Auburn on Thursday?

Answer: I believe our mindset is "three and out" on defense. Every time we're on defense, "three and out" - "three and out." That's what we need to focus on this whole week in practice.

Question: When Florida Atlantic scored on that first drive, did that cause you guys to buckle down for the rest of the game?

Answer: Everybody makes mistakes, but we had a little letdown. We bounced back after that, and that's the biggest thing. We bounced back after that play by play, so it was a little let down in the beginning of the game, but we made sure we bounced back.

Question: What does this win mean for you guys heading into a big SEC match up on Thursday?

Answer: It was a real big confidence builder, but we'll go into practice tomorrow, watch the film, watch the tape from this previous game, and get ready for Auburn this next week.

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