Auburn Game Significant To Captain Munnerlyn

Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn has gotten off to a fantastic start in his freshman season at Carolina, and he has quickly become a fan favorite with his aggressive, physical style of play. Munnerlyn, a native of Mobile (AL), is especially looking forward to playing the home state Auburn Tigers on Thursday. caught up with Munnerlyn, and he discussed Thursday's match up and more.

Question: You're an Alabama native, do you know any of the Auburn players?

Answer: I know a lot of those guys. A couple of them are from Mobile (AL). I know the tight end and defensive linemen and stuff. I know they're going to be amped up, and I'm going to be amped up with them.

Question: Not many people are giving you a chance in this game. Is it fun to be in the underdog role at home on national TV?

Answer: Well, I like being the underdog, because the other team comes in soft thinking we're just going to give them the game, but I know in my heart that my team is ready to play.

Question: The Auburn quarterback talked today about coming in here on Thursday and throwing the ball all over the field against you guys. How do you respond to that?

Answer: Well, he might feel that way, but I think all the DB's, we're ready to play football. We're ready, and we're good at defending the pass, so we're ready.

Question: Who gets to guard Auburn's top receiver, Courtney Taylor?

Answer: We haven't made that decision yet, but whoever, we're ready for him.

Question: Did Auburn recruit you?

Answer: Yeah, they recruited me… I really didn't like Auburn or Alabama. I just wanted something different, because everybody in my state goes to Auburn or Alabama, so I was like "something new."

Question: Didn't Chris Smelley talk you into coming to Carolina during the recruiting process, rather than staying home in Alabama?

Answer: Yeah, Chris Smelley, he came when I was on my visit, and he talked to me. He was like, "Captain, let's try something new." I was like, "okay, let's go for it." It's taken some change being far away from home, but I like it. I love it.

Question: Did a lot of schools back off of recruiting you because of your size?

Answer: No, because my speed, that drew a lot of them and my physical play. So they didn't back off.

Question: What's it like trying to cover Sidney Rice in practice?

Answer: It's fun, actually. It helps me out a lot, because I'm guarding one of the nation's best, so it helps me out a lot. I like guarding him.

Question: What's the secret for a guy your size to cover bigger receivers?

Answer: The secret is it's hard for them to get off the jam, because they're so tall, and you've got a lot of space to hit them. So when I get a hand on them, I just try to use my strength to push them back. Then (I use) my speed and I can jump with them.

Question: You can jump with them?

Answer: Yeah, I can jump with them. My vertical is thirty-nine and a half (inches).

Question: Can you dunk a basketball with leaping ability like that?

Answer: Oh yeah, I can dunk.

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