Chris Hampton Talks About Injury

Junior safety Chris Hampton has played a key role in the Gamecocks success in the secondary this season, but he injured his ankle against Florida Atlantic on Saturday evening and is listed as questionable for Thursday's match up with Auburn. spoke with Hampton after Monday's practice, and he took a moment to talk about his injury situation.

Question: Will you be ready to play Thursday after injuring your ankle against Florida Atlantic?

Answer: Yeah, I'm going to play on Thursday. I'll be ready Thursday.

Question: Are you still limping around a little bit?

Answer: Yeah, I'm just a little sore once I get out of practice. I'll just ice it again, and it'll feel better. I guess I just worked it a little today, but I'll be fine in a couple of days.

Question: Did you originally think you might have hurt it worse than you did?

Answer: No, not at first. I just knew it was a bruise. I didn't know what was really hurting at first, because he hit my thigh, but I rolled my ankle.

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