Commentary: Why I'm Smiling

I honestly can't remember a game where we lost on the last play and I left the stadium smiling. I can't remember a time where we dropped the game-tying touchdown, and I said "that's ok." I can't remember a game where I left feeling so proud of my team.

I'm smiling because we played the best game of the year. We played hard, fast, and executed more so than not.

I'm smiling tonight because we found our offense. We clicked all night, and on two occasions we drove down the field to make it a ball game against one of the top defenses in the nation.

I'm smiling because our offensive line played great and continues to improve every game. Yes, there were still some mistakes, but we were more consistent run blocking, which really opens up the field.

I'm smiling because Syvelle Newton is becoming a true SEC caliber quarterback. Newton was outstanding all night and showed why he is a true playmaker. How many times did he turn nothing into a first down? Newton was simply amazing.

I'm smiling because Kenny McKinley is really stepping up as the number two guy like we need him to be.

I'm smiling because our defense played another good game. Yes, they gave up some big plays, but they made big stops on several occasions. They also showed a lot of energy and played with heart.

I'm smiling because you, the fan, stayed afterwards to show your appreciation. At the same, time I'm smiling because Coach Spurrier said he's still not happy. He wants to win, not morally win.

Some other reasons why I'm smiling: Ryan Succop is a sophomore, Chris Hail is getting involved, and the Brice was rocking all night long.

I, however, will not be smiling if we take this loss into next week. A great game Thursday night, but let's make sure we don't take it with us.

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