Week Six SEC Predictions

Yep, I'm still smiling, but not about last week's game against Auburn. I'm smiling at my 15-2 overall record. Not to mention my 6-0 mark in SEC vs SEC games. This week I'll admit is a little tougher, but if you're looking for winners, look no further.

Here are this week's SEC picks, and of course,the reasons why.

Let's start with the SEC vs SEC games, leaving USC-Kentucky for last.

LSU at Florida – Yes, I know how difficult it is to win on the road in the SEC, and I know this game is being played in "The Swamp," but have you seen each team play? I don't know if Florida will score against this LSU defense, and there may be no DeShawn Winn. It's a close one, but LSU's #1 ranked defense comes through.

LSU 17 – Florida 7

Tennessee at Georgia – I can't believe I'm taking another road team, but I just don't think Georgia's offense can do enough. Yes, they get Joe T back, but that's like upgrading from Cher to Holly Rowe or vise versa... whatever. The point is Tennessee gets Arian Foster back, and Eric Ainge has been the best quarterback in the SEC so far this season. He'll do just enough.

Tennessee 23 – Georgia 17

Arkansas at Auburn – Yes, Arkansas is 3-1 and they've been a surprise, but not to me. I had Arkansas finishing third in the SEC West this season. However, that means they lose to Auburn, which they will do. The Hogs are 11th in the SEC in defense, and Brandon Cox will throw for over 200 yards.

Auburn 28 – Arkansas 10

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss – This may be the toughest one to pick. Ole Miss is terrible, but they played Georgia close at home. The two worst passing teams in the conference will play the fastest game all year. If Ole Miss can get over last week's close call with Georgia, they can win. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm taking a third road team.

Vandy 16 – Ole Miss 14

Duke at Alabama – Ever seen the movie "Little Giants?" Yeah, this game is kind of like that... just without the second half. Duke has no quarterback, but the Ice Box could definitely start.

Alabama 35 – Duke 0

West Virginia at Miss. St. – Everyone wants to know how good West Virginia is. Well, after this week we'll still be wondering just that. Will someone please put Florida Atlantic on Mississippi State's schedule?

West Virginia 37 – Miss. St. 0

And finally...

South Carolina at Kentucky – Every time South Carolina goes up to Kentucky, it's a close game. This year will be no exception. USC doesn't have the offense to blow anyone away early, and Kentucky will put some points up on the board. But Sidney Rice will have another big game, even when he's double covered. The bottom line is Rich Brooks will not beat Steve Spurrier. Kentucky gives up 461 yards a game on defense. I would be shocked if Ryan Succop punted more than once. USC wins, but it's close.

USC 31 – Kentucky 21

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