Week Seven SEC Predictions

I have one simple goal this week. Okay, maybe two. The first goal is to show that my first two weeks weren't flukes. Yes, my 4-3 record with a 2-3 interconference mark last week is terrible, but I'm still 19-5 on the year with a 8-3 interconference record. I must do better. Secondly, I'm not going to go against what has worked for me for years. I will stay with the home teams, unless it's obvious.

So, with that said, I am going to add a little something extra this week. I will give you a guaranteed winner, or I'll...well...I'll think of something. Plus I'll add in one or two non SEC games as well

There's only one game that is really challenging this week, so I'll save that for last.

Ole Miss at Alabama – Yes, Yes Ole Miss is getting better. So what? They're on the road. Alabama is first in the SEC in turnover margin, and the game is at home. Did I mention this game will be played in the state of Alabama?

Alabama 27 – Ole Miss 10

Southeast Missouri St. at Arkansas – Darren McFadden. (Enough said)

Arkansas 42 – SEMS 7

Vanderbilt at Georgia – The governor of Georgia will threaten to kick the Georgia players out of the state if they lose to Vandy, or at least the AJC for covering it. Georgia will rebound with ease and begin preparations for their showdown with Florida in a couple weeks.

Georgia 31 – Vandy 6

Kentucky at LSU – So much for being the greatest team ever with one loss, but LSU is still really good. I feel sorry for Kentucky for having to play a very pissed off LSU team. LSU's offensive numbers are just too impressive.

LSU 55 Kentucky 20

Jacksonville St. at Miss St. – Have you ever seen a bad football game? Well tune in this week and join the crowd. Not even Mississippi State can screw this up.

Miss. St. 14 – J St. 0

And wrapping up the SEC...

Florida at Auburn – Florida leads Auburn in pretty much every statistical category, and the most impressive one is run defense. Florida leads the SEC with 56.8 yards allowed per game. Kenny Irons will have his work cut out. However, even with all signs pointing to Florida and with Auburn's major let down last week, I think Auburn is too good to roll over and die. Brandon Cox shows why he's an SEC caliber QB in this one. Florida gives up 200 yards in the air, and I look for Auburn to pass a lot early. Plus, AUBURN IS THE HOME TEAM.

Auburn 24 – Florida 21

And just for fun, I'll add in a couple of extra games that have peaked my interest.

Miami at Florida International – Yes ok, so I'm padding my stats. So what? I'm allowed to do that every once in a while.

Miami wins

Ok seriously –

Michigan at Penn St. – I really believe the loss of WR Mario Manningham for Michigan is huge. However, I don't believe Penn State is the team everyone thought they could be. Michigan won't miss any extra points like Minnesota did to help out. Yes, Michigan is on the road, but I think Chad Henne leads his team to a big road win in the Big Ten.(that rhymed) Let's not forget the 195 yards on the ground Michigan gets per game is pretty impressive as well. I don't believe they'll reach that mark, but over 100 yards equals a win

Michigan 28 – Penn St. 27

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