Fred Bennett: Always Looking To Improve

Senior cornerback Fred Bennett entered the 2006 season with high expectations, and through the first six games, he has not disappointed. Bennett currently leads the SEC in pass deflections, and he is tied for the team lead with 2 interceptions. caught up with Bennett after Wednesday's practice, and he shared his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Question: Can you talk about last week's game against Kentucky, and if that has made guys come out and practice harder this week?

Answer: We had some busts and some mental errors (against Kentucky), but I don't think last week makes us play harder or practice harder. I just think the guys want to go out and get better.

Question: Do you think this team is truly beginning to grasp what Coach Spurrier wants as far as finishing teams off?

Answer: Yeah, we're focused right now. Our first part of the season is over, and we're on our bye week, so we're just going to focus on the second part of the season and try to come out strong.

Question: Has Coach Spurrier been more intense this week?

Answer: Yeah, practice has picked up a little bit. We've been doing more team stuff and getting the speed of the game. We've been doing a little more team things, and like I say, we're just trying to get this thing rolling.

Question: Despite having some struggles last week, your pass defense is still ranked top ten nationally. Can you talk about that?

Answer: Yeah, our last week (against Kentucky) was just some miscommunications. A couple of guys had some busted assignments. I don't think it was a big deal. We almost lost the game, but we didn't. That's the main thing. We won the game. In a game like that, you're going to have some mental errors, and some guys are going to make mistakes, but when you play in the secondary you've got to have amnesia. I'm pretty sure it's out of their systems, and we're just really looking forward to Vanderbilt.

Question: Can you talk about the youth of the secondary and how impressed you've been by their play in the first half of the season?

Answer: We're young, but those guys are some players. I told them that when they first step on the field, they aren't young no more. They aren't a freshman no more; they aren't a sophomore no more. They're like a vet, so they've got the experience under their belt now, and I'm really pleased with them. I think they're doing a great job. I'm really impressed with them.

Question: Are you looking forward to matching up with Vanderbilt's Earl Bennett next week?

Answer: He's not on my mind. I treat every receiver the same. I know he had some high pre-season accolades, and my hat goes off to him. I think he's a great player, but he's not on my mind. I'm just focused on getting better and getting myself better.

Question: Did Coach Cooper talk to the secondary about what happened in the fourth quarter last weekend?

Answer: Yeah, what a coach will do is he came in to find out what happened, what went wrong, who did what, and who made the bust. So he did what a coach is supposed to do. He came in and just tried to get this thing resolved.

Question: Has the coaching staff tried to send a message this week in practice after what happened against Kentucky?

Answer: I don't think they're trying to send a message. In your off week, I just think you need to worry about your team and getting your team better and yourself better. I don't think they're all out on us because of what happened last week or what happened in the past, I just think that they want to get our team better and get us to playing the football that we know how to play.

Question: Does the bye week come at a good time for you guys?

Answer: I think everybody enjoys open week. I know I'm going to enjoy it. I'm just going to relax and get off my feet a little bit. I'll spend some time with my family.

Question: Can you talk about how your season is going so far?

Answer: I think my season is going real well. I need to catch some more interceptions. Those pass deflections should have been interceptions, but I'm pleased.

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