Dakota Walker: Back at Defensive End

Sophomore Dakota Walker has had an interesting first half to the 2006 season, as he has been moved back and forth between linebacker and defensive end. His most recent move has landed him back at defensive end, which he played in 2005 and warranted All-SEC freshman honors. GamecockAnthem.com caught up with Walker after Wednesday's practice, and he talked about the transition.

Question: You're back at defensive end again. When did they move you back?

Answer: This week we just started this.

Question: Have Coach Spurrier and Coach Lawing talked to the defensive linemen about getting a better pass rush going?

Answer: We all know that we need to get more rush on the offense. They've discussed that, and that's what we're trying to fix now.

Question: Do you have a preference between playing linebacker and defensive end?

Answer: I don't care. I could play anything, so it doesn't really matter to me.

Question: What have the coaches told you as far as working into the rotation more in the second half of the season?

Answer: They've got me in a couple of packages, so we're going to be all right.

Question: What strengths do you feel you bring to the table on the football field?

Answer: I feel I'm a pretty good pass rusher coming off the edge and certain things like that.

Question: What have the coaches told you about adding weight to your frame at defensive end?

Answer: They really haven't talked about it because, at the same time, I'm still thinking I'm at outside linebacker, so whatever happens, happens. That's how it goes.

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