Dominique Archie: Expectations Abound

Dominique Archie came to South Carolina in 2005 as one of the most highly touted basketball recruits of the Dave Odonm era, but in what came as a surprise to many, he was asked to redshirt last season. Now, with the loss of Renaldo Balkman, Archie will be asked to fill some big shoes in his freshman season. caught up with Archie, and he talked about the upcoming season.

Question: Coach Odom spent a lot of time talking about his high expectations for you entering into this season. How do you respond to those expectations as a young player?

Answer: I guess I've just got to go out there every night and play hard. There's only so much I can do, but the things I can do, I can do my best.

Question: Can you describe your strengths as a player?

Answer: I'm quick, very athletic, and I can rebound exceptionally well.

Question: You've got big shoes to fill with the loss of Renaldo Balkman this season. What do you believe you can bring to the table to fill that void?

Answer: I'm a team player. I listen to my captains, and as far as the Renaldo Balkman situation, I'm not Renaldo Balkman, but I can try the best I can. We're probably on the same level as far as skill, but he had a way more outgoing personality than I do.

Question: Coach Odom talked about the need for you and others to step up as rebounders this year. How do you think this team will be on the boards this year?

Answer: I think I can rebound very well. As a team, if we all contribute to rebounding, then we can probably be one of the best rebounding teams in the league.

Question: Everybody is looking towards Tre Kelly and Brandon Wallace as the leaders of this team, but who do you expect to be the surprise player on the team this year?

Answer: Bryce Sheldon. He worked real hard this summer adding stuff to his game like ball handling, trying to get to the hole and create, and he has better court vision.

Question: What can Gamecock fans look forward to seeing from you this year?

Answer: Good defense and exciting plays.

Question: Do you believe that this team can compete with the big boys of the SEC this year?

Answer: Yes, but we have to make sure that everybody plays their role. We can't have players going out of their way to do stuff that they're not.

Question: What areas are you working to improve in right now?

Answer: Right now, they're trying to get me to make better passes and just make good decisions

Question: What are your thoughts on Dwayne Day?

Answer: Dwayne Day is a great shooter. He's probably going to have to play at least thirty minutes a game. He's a great rebounder too.

Question: What does Ousmane Konate bring to the table?

Answer: Konate is a big body. He's a great person too. He can come in and play a couple of quality minutes.

Question: What are you like off the court?

Answer: I think of myself as a good person. I'm a caring person, and I help people when they want to be helped.

Question: What did you learn during your redshirt year?

Answer: I learned a lot of things. Basically patience. When I came in, I wasn't very patient with the ball. I wanted to get it and do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it, but watching Tarence (Kinsey) and Renaldo (Balkman), they taught me a lot over the course of last year.

Question: What was it that made you decide to come to South Carolina two years ago?

Answer: On my visit, the coaches really opened up to me. The players treated me like family, and I wanted to be with a team that was close. My high school team was really close. We were like family, and when I came here, everybody was great.

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