Cory Boyd Talks About Vandy

Junior running back Cory Boyd has proved to be a valuable piece of the Gamecock offense this season, as he currently leads the team in rushing and ranks third on the team in receiving yards. After enjoying the bye week to rest and heal up, Boyd is looking forward to playing against a much improved Vanderbilt squad this weekend.

Question: Can you talk about the mindset of the team entering into the second half of the season now?

Answer: We're getting better as the weeks go by. We had a nice off week so we can heal up our injuries and get everything back mentally. Physically, everyone seems to be in good shape, and we're just hoping that we can pull together after the week off and get the chemistry back.

Question: You appear to have found your groove in recent weeks. Can you talk about that?

Answer: It's just hard work. Coach is putting us in position, and I'm glad he's putting me in the right position to do the things that I do. The offensive line came together at the right time, and I just rolled with the punches.

Question: Did you watch the Georgia - Vanderbilt game this past weekend?

Answer: I caught glimpses of it. I really didn't want to pay too much attention to it. When you watch it so much, you can see weaknesses and strengths, but I just wanted to see who was going to win the game. I really didn't pay too much attention to it at all. I caught the ending of it though. They came out, and they found a way to win. That's what counts the most.

Question: Did anything stand out about this Vanderbilt team that was different from years past?

Answer: Like I said, they found ways to win. They capitalized on certain plays, and Georgia couldn't stop certain plays. Georgia made a lot of mistakes, and Vandy capitalized. At the end of the game, the kicker made a great play to pull out the win for his team.

Question: Is the game this weekend a must win?

Answer: You've got to look at all these game that way. You have to have every game. We're not just going to sit there and say we need this one from Vandy. We've got a lot of quality teams on the schedule, and Vandy just happens to be the next team that we play, so we have to take it like we need this game as much as we need the Florida game, the Tennessee game, and Middle Tennessee, and Clemson. Every other game that we have, we have to take it like we need that game.

Question: What did you do with your time off this past weekend?

Answer: I actually relaxed and tried to clear my mind of all the things that were going on. I just tried to take my mind away from football the best way I can and get my body healed up and ready to get back this week to do what I have to do.

Question: Is there a different feeling at practice after having four days off?

Answer: Yeah, it feels like you're coming back to a foreign place, but everybody is still high off of what they did over the weekend. We're going to get our chemistry back, and it takes a little time, but hopefully today we'll get out there and everybody we'll go 110%. We know exactly what we've got to do.

Question: Is this team confident going on the road after winning your last four conference road games?

Answer: I wouldn't say we're confident, I'd just say that we know exactly what we have to do. We can't take this team lightly, because they just beat a good Georgia team, and I guess we've just got to go out there and do what we're supposed to do.

Question: Does having Syvelle Newton at quarterback make things a little more fun for the offense?

Answer: It makes it a little more fun, but like I said earlier last week, he brings a whole different type of dimension to the quarterback spot and to our offense. He opens up a lot of opportunities for our wide receivers and other running backs on the team. It's great to see that he's doing these things, and we wish we could have had him in there a little earlier in the season so he could be more confident with himself and the offensive plays.

Question: Do you guys take the attitude that this is a new team with Syvelle at quarterback?

Answer: Yeah, we took it as a new wrinkle in the team. It feels like a totally new offense, but it's basically the same offense. It's just that we have a new player in there that can do a lot of great things.

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