Sidney Rice: Waiting For The Right Moment

After a breakout freshman season in 2005, sophomore wide receiver Sidney Rice entered into the 2006 campaign with extremely high expectations, but after facing constant double and triple teams in the first half of this season, his numbers have understandably decreased. recently caught up with Rice, and he talked about staying focused and waiting for the right moment.

Question: Are there plays where you can see that you're open, but you don't get the ball thrown your way?

Answer: That happens a lot, but we've got a lot of things to work on as a team. We've just got to work on our plays and execute on offense.

Question: Don't you feel like you're one of the guys that has to help get this offense going?

Answer: Yes, but there's the fact that I'm getting double teamed and triple teamed. I've just got to work on other things to help my team to win and be successful.

Question: Are you surprised that you are seeing so many double teams with the legitimate threat that Kenny McKinley is becoming in the passing game?

Answer: He is doing a real good job, and I think he'll continue to do a real good job. If they keep doubling me, he's going to have a successful season.

Question: After the Kentucky game last season, you really turned your game up a notch. Do you think you could have a similar showing in the second half of this season?

Answer: Anything is possible. I've just got to wait for the right moment.

Question: Were you surprised by Vanderbilt's win over Georgia in Athens this past weekend?

Answer: No, not really. If you play hard and execute on all of your plays, then I expect for them to win.

Question: If you guys run the table this season, then you would have a pretty good shot of winning the division. Can you talk about that?

Answer: I hope so. I hope everybody on the team realizes that, and it gives them a little motivation to play harder.

Question: Can you talk about the recent Miami – FIU brawl, as well as the 2004 Carolina – Clemson fight?

Answer: I think it's just a bunch of nonsense. All of these kinds of things can be prevented. It's just a bunch of knuckleheads getting out of control. It starts with the coaches and discipline mostly. You've got to have respect for your fans, your family, and where you come from.

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