Week Eight SEC Predictions

With a 26-6 overall record and an 11-4 "SEC vs. SEC" mark, my confidence is riding high. HOWEVER, I can't seem to figure out Vanderbilt. So as I'm writing this article, I will be making my Vandy-USC pick.

You see, every time I pick Vandy to win, they lose, and vice versa. So I'm torn between picking them to win so they'll lose to the Gamecocks, or picking USC because I believe they'll win.

By the way, I should've received an extra win for picking Miami. They won twice...sort of.

Let's start with interconference games:

Ole Miss at Arkansas – Arkansas gets 235 yards on the ground per game, where as Ole Miss gives up 169. Darren McFadden is ridiculous. He has to be to make up for Mitch Mustain's 104 yards through the air average and 51.1 completion percentage. The Hogs roll easily in this one.

Arkansas 34 – Ole Miss 12

Mississippi St. at Georgia – The loss of Thomas Brown will actually allow a Georgia running back to get into some rhythm. Georgia won't screw up two in a row.

Georgia 23 – Miss. St. 10

Alabama at Tennessee – Eric Ainge is the most underrated QB in the country. His numbers are phenomenal. Yes, this game always has excitement, but then the second half will come. I picked the Vols to win the East, and I'm sticking with it. Alabama has a solid defense, but they just don't put enough pressure on the QB, and this week that will cost them. Give Ainge enough time, and he'll pick you apart. If the Tide can get to Ainge, it'll be close. Here's how I think they'll do.

Tennessee 31 – Alabama 16

Tulane at Auburn – Auburn has learned what switch to turn on to play to their ability. They can save electricity this week.

Auburn 42 – Tulane 10

Fresno St. at LSU – If you're thinking that this is the same Fresno St. team that pushed Southern Cal to the limit last year, you're wrong. They're 1-5 this year. I don't know why, but that doesn't matter. How many warm-ups will the Tigers have this year?

LSU 49 – Fresno St. 3

And finally...

USC at VanderbiltSyvelle Newton and Chris Nickson are similar in many ways. However, Newton doesn't panic under pressure and is just better. As long as the Gamecocks don't turn the ball over, their talent level will eventually win this game. What worries me is the fact that Vandy gets 150 yards on the ground and the Gamecocks give up 149. So we know what will happen there. Again back to turnovers...if USC can force some turnovers through the air, the Gamecocks will win. I expect a very close game for three quarters, and let's not forget that this is a good Vandy team. But I do expect Steve Spurrier to have some magic ready.

I've been thinking hard about how I want to do this...

USC 30 – Vandy 24

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