Captain Munnerlyn: Vandy Post Game

Freshman cornerback Captain Munnerlyn has been a pleasant surprise throughout the season with his physical and aggressive style of play, and on Saturday afternoon, he recorded his first career interception in the Gamecocks 31-13 win over Vanderbilt. caught up with Munnerlyn after the game, and he talked about his play against the Commodores.

Question: Do you think you're starting to get the hang of playing against SEC caliber competition now?

Answer: Yeah, I'm getting the hang of it, because it's the second half of the season. (The second half of the season), I'm going to play my heart out, because I've got it now.

Question: You had a lot of ground to cover on your interception. What was going through your mind on that play?

Answer: I saw the ball, and I was like, ‘he's wide open,' but I ran over there and used some speed to get over there, and I was like, ‘Oh, I got over there.' So I just jumped and made the catch.

Question: What were you thinking about when they were reviewing the play to see if you were inbounds?

Answer: Yeah, I knew I actually got both my feet in, because when I caught it, I was focused on that. I knew I had it, so I caught it and got both of my feet in.

Question: What was your reaction to Coach Spurrier calling out the secondary after the Kentucky game?

Answer: We liked it, because it made us practice hard. We practiced real hard, and we just wanted to show Coach Spurrier that we could do it.

Question: You had a couple of penalties in the first half. Did you feel like your interception kind of redeemed you from that?

Answer: The two penalties, I was just like, ‘man, I'm going to get into trouble for this.' So I was like, ‘I've got make a play.' Then they gave me the opportunity to make a play, and I made it.

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