Sidney Rice: Vandy Post Game

All-SEC wide receiver Sidney Rice had been held to an average of only 2.5 catches against SEC competition in the first half of the season, but he responded on Saturday against the Vanderbilt Commodores by totaling 7 receptions for 89 yards and 1 touchdown. spoke with Rice after the game, and he talked about how he found his groove against the Commodores.

Question: Can you talk about the game today and what the team takes from this win?

Answer: I think we came out and did a tremendous job up front. We started off a little slow, and made a lot of silly plays, but we overcame the penalties and stuff like that and came out on top.

Question: Did you have any idea you tied the school record for career touchdown receptions with nineteen?

Answer: No, I had no idea.

Question: Can you talk about how quickly you've gotten to that record in basically a year and a half?

Answer: I've just got to give credit to my coaches and my teammates. If it weren't for my coaches, I wouldn't have the chance to make a play, and also my teammates do a tremendous job helping me out.

Question: How often did D.J. Moore line up against you?

Answer: He was on me, I'd say 40% of the time.

Question: Did you play against him in high school?

Answer: Yeah, we played since probably like when I was in the tenth grade.

Question: What are your thoughts on his success at Vanderbilt so far?

Answer: I think he's doing a tremendous job. I know he's a heck of an athlete, and he always gets after it, even when we play basketball. He's a real good athlete.

Question: Was part of the game plan today to get the ball to you more often?

Answer: No, not really. It was just throwing the ball around and getting it to whoever was open.

Question: Before today, were you conscious that you were putting up less productivity in conference match ups this season?

Answer: No sir, not really. I'm just focused more on helping my team get better and not my stats.

Question: Did you think it was just a matter of time until you had a game like this?

Answer: Yes sir, a lot of people told me just to be patient, and that's one thing I was doing. I wasn't stressing nothing, just going out and helping my teammates get on top.

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