Week Nine SEC Predictions

Alright guys, I'm starting to freak out a little bit. No seriously! A 6-0 mark last week put me at 32-6 with a 15-4 SEC vs SEC mark on the year. This week, however, will present a little more of a challenge, just like the opponent for the Gamecocks, which I will talk about at the end.

Without further adieu, here are your Week 9 SEC picks...and the winners...I hope.

Let's start easy:

Florida International at Alabama – As long as there's no fight at the beginning of this game where the entire 1st team of Alabama gets thrown out, the Tide will roll. It won't be pretty because the taste of Tennessee will be stuck in their mouth, but they'll get the job done.

Alabama 24 – FIU 13

Louisiana Monroe at Arkansas - Darren McFadden! Ok I'll add more this time... Felix Jones.

Arkansas 35 – Louisiana Monroe 7

Vanderbilt at Duke – This epic battle is no longer two terrible teams in a slap fight. Vandy will run all over Duke. Yes, I know the Devils played Miami close, but who would keep reading if I picked Duke. Besides, Chris Nickson can play and there's no Jasper Brinkley on the other side.

Vandy 27 – Duke 14

Alright, now let's get down to business:

Auburn at Ole Miss – Auburn is good. Ole Miss isn't. Should I go on?

Auburn 41 – Ole Miss 10

Kentucky at Miss. St. – This will be the game that bites me in the butt. Normally I'm drawn towards the home team, but come on, Mississippi State is terrible. Andre Woodson will find a way to get his offense going. I just can't see MSU scoring enough points, even against the worst scoring defense in the conference. And for those of you that still think the dogs have a good defense, try the 11th in scoring and pass defense.

Kentucky 30 - Miss. St. 16

Georgia at Florida – Now before anyone thinks this will be a blow out just hang on a second... Ok, that's long enough. This will be a close ball game for a half, and then Florida will blow Georgia out. The Dawgs just keep getting worse and all the emotion in Georgia won't help them this week. That so called mighty Georgia rushing attack is 9th in the SEC, and even though the Dawgs play three QBs, only one can play at a time. Even if all three could play, they'd still lose.

Florida 38 –Georgia 16

And finally...

Tennessee at USC – The Gamecocks will make their cornerbacks play mostly man coverage, setting up the possibility of one of two things. Either the Gamecocks blitz Eric Ainge 90% of the time and get to him, or Ainge will have all day to throw, and wide receivers eventually get away from man coverage. This is the most important stat of the game. The Vols #1 ranked passing offense against the Gamecocks #2 ranked passing defense. I believe Ainge won't be great, but look for 3rd and long to hurt the Gamecocks. It always does against the Vols.

Lamarcus Coker being out is a big deal, but Arian Foster is a proven back. He'll do enough to keep the Gamecocks' defense on their toes. I do think that USC will put up some points, and look for Kenny McKinley to have another big game. It's important for USC to stay balanced and count on Cory Boyd and Syvelle Newton to provide a solid rushing attack.

When it comes down to it, I just don't think Justin Sorenson can hold his own against the Vols defense. The good thing is Newton can see when the right side breaks down. Bottom line is I do think the O-Line will hurt the Gamecocks. This one will be close...very close, and who knows... in the 4th quarter anything can happen. No one wants me to be wrong more than I do.

Tennessee 28 – USC 27

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