The Same Old Carolina, Sort Of

While watching the South Carolina – Tennessee game on Saturday night, I noticed some of the same old trends that continue to haunt the Gamecocks. However, you can tell by watching or even just looking at a box score that Carolina is dumping a few old habits as well. Read inside for full story.

I'll alternate between the two as I describe them to you.

Same old Carolina: Giving up a 3rd and 15 in the second half, which ultimately led to the go ahead touchdown for the Volunteers.

New Carolina: Tennessee was only 3 of 9 on third downs, and the other 3rd and longs were stops for the Gamecock defense

Same old Carolina: Not being able to finish off a big opponent.

New Carolina: Responding after falling behind and taking a lead in the second half after trailing by 14 points early.

Same old Carolina: Not getting multiple obvious pass interference and holding calls.

New Carolina: Having some no calls go our way and even getting away with some holding no calls.

Same old Carolina: Having special teams issues, especially in kick return.

New Carolina: Having a kicker who fans feel confident will easily make a 50 yarder.

Same old Carolina: Getting to the line of scrimmage slower than dial-up internet.

New Carolina: Being less predictable in our play calling.

It's nice to know that this team is never out of it, whereas in the past if the Gamecocks opened the game trailing 14-0, we could expect a blowout. The question is when will the next step come? What exactly is the next step?

Carolina definitely had a chance tonight, but the better team won. Who knows how the game would have turned out if there weren't any crazy tips in the first quarter? But before you ask yourself "if only this or that happened," I quote Coach Steve Spurrier: "That's football."

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