Commitment Looming For Clements?

Barron Collier (Naples, FL) 3-star wide receiver Matt Clements made an official visit to South Carolina over the weekend, and the electric athlete enjoyed his time in Columbia. Entering into the visit, Clements stated that if everything went well, he could potentially commit to the Gamecocks on his trip. Find out all the latest on this premier Sunshine State prospect inside.

Clements, who measures in at 6'2 and 180 pounds, came short of committing on his visit to South Carolina, but he stated that he thoroughly enjoyed his time in Columbia.

"It went pretty good. I got to see a lot of things. The coaches were all good, and the fans were great. The players were really nice. As a whole, the trip went pretty good, and I enjoyed everything that I saw. I really liked it"

The fan support and game day atmosphere over the weekend especially caught his eye and made a lasting impressing on him, according to Clements.

"It was great. The fans really got into it. They know when to cheer and when not to cheer. They really know their stuff. On big plays, the stadium just erupted. I really liked it, because it seems like they have a lot of dedicated fans that really love their football. As far as the game day atmosphere, it was great."

Clements had the opportunity to spend time with several of the Carolina coaches while on his visit, including the Head Ball Coach himself.

"I talked with pretty much all of the coaches, and I got to meet with all of them. I was with Coach (Robert) Gillespie a lot and Coach Spurrier Jr. I got to chat with Coach Spurrier a little bit. They were just showing me around and really just telling me about the school. They were saying that I could really fit into what they want to do there. I got to talk and hang out with them quite a bit."

Clements, who is blessed with great speed and has been consistently timed running below 4.4 seconds in the forty yard dash, stated that he likes what he saw from Coach Spurrier's offense on Saturday night, and he knows the wide receivers will get plenty of balls thrown their way in Spurrier's system.

"I like it a lot. It seems like he wants to throw the ball, and he wants to get downfield. He has a really balanced offense, and I know from back in his Florida days that he likes to spread the ball out. He wants to spread the field out and throw the ball quite a bit, so as a receiver, I like seeing that. The ball being put in the air, I like what he's doing offensively."

While he did not commit on his trip to South Carolina, Clements left Columbia feeling very good about the Gamecocks, and he stated that a commitment could potentially come in the next couple of days.

"As of right now, I feel really good about South Carolina, so I think I'm going to go home and talk to my parents a little bit. Maybe I'll give the coaches a call (and commit), if not tomorrow, then in the next couple of days if I feel like it's a good fit for me."

The possibility of taking other visits is still up in the air, according to Clements, but he will have a better feel for everything after talking things over with his family.

"I'll probably make a couple more. I have a few more visits set up in January, but even if I am committed, I might still just go check them out just to see some more options. I feel like I am going to commit to South Carolina, then I'm probably just going to end up staying there. I'm not going to commit then decommit. I might take some more visits, and I might not. It all depends on my decision within the next week hopefully."

Clements' father accompanied him on his visit to South Carolina, and the highly touted prospect talked about how his father is helping him work through the recruiting process.

"My dad came up with me. He went up on my last trip with me too. He's helping me and making sure that I ask all the questions I need to ask and find out all the information with academics and football-wise. My dad's been with me on all my recruiting trips to kind of help me and guide me and make sure I get the best out of it."

With a decision potentially on the horizon for Clements, he talked about several factors that will ultimately play into his college choice.

"Basically just how I feel, the atmosphere, the city, and the people I'm going to be playing with for the next four years. The fans and how they are, the coaches, and basically I'm just looking for a family atmosphere and a place where I feel really comfortable. I want to go to a place where I can get a really good education, so those are basically all the factors that I'm looking for when it comes down to making my decision."

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