Syvelle Newton Back To Full Speed

Quarterback Syvelle Newton suffered what is thought to be a mild concussion in Saturday's game against Tennessee, but Newton refused to come out and ultimately finished the game, despite his better judgement. Newton sat out the first two practices this week for precautionary measures, but he returned at full speed on Wednesday night. Check inside to read Newton's comments after practice.

Question: How are you feeling right now, and will you be 100% on Saturday?

Answer: I'm going to try to be prepared to go on Saturday no matter what.

Question: How did you initially suffer the injury?

Answer: If you watch the game, you'll see what happened. I took a lot of hits that game. That was one of the roughest games I've been in probably since I've been here. I'm starting to feel a little bit better, and I just wanted to make sure everything was right with me. I didn't want to go out and pressure myself to get back too early when I know I'm not ready, but I felt good today in practice and threw the ball pretty well. Now I feel great.

Question: How important is this weekend's game for you guys to win a big game at home and gain some confidence down the stretch?

Answer: This is our last chance at home. It's a big chance. We had a big chance the other night, and we kind of fell a little short of it, but we've just got to dust that off, get back, and hopefully Saturday night we can go out and play a pretty good game. We know Arkansas is going to come in, and they're going to be pretty amped up. I wasn't playing last year, but the guys beat them last year, so we know they're going to come in with a little chip on their shoulder ready to go hard and play against us.

Question: Were you ever close to coming out of the game on Saturday?

Answer: I was feeling like I should have been out of the game, but it's just part of being a leader. You can't let your team down. You're going to get bruised up in football, but you've got to want to go out and fight for your teammates. That's what I felt like I was doing even though I was probably jeopardizing myself, but I went out and finished the game.

Question: What did the trainers tell you at halftime?

Answer: The trainers were looking at me, and I was still trying to gather myself and come back to my senses, but I wasn't going to go out of the game, because I knew it was such a big game and critical game for me and my teammates. I wasn't going to pull myself out no matter what.

Question: Was there one particular hit where you got hurt?

Answer: Actually, there was one. I believe I got tackled, and one of the guys dove in kind of late. When he hit me, he was the one that lifted me up and told me he was sorry for it. That was good sportsmanship on his behalf, but that lick kind of did it. Probably people who watched the game didn't know, but the touchdown I threw to Mike West, I didn't even call a play. That right there just let's you know that I was out of it. We just went up to the line with no play, and it just worked out. I was kind of out of it. At halftime I was kind of out of it. The rest of the game I was kind of out of it, but I just couldn't quit. I'm not going to quit.

Question: Can you walk us through that touchdown pass to Mike West?

Answer: We watched film on Monday, and Coach (Spurrier) said, ‘Hey Syvelle, what play did you call?' We didn't have a play called, and it kind of showed on the film, because the line blocked and the receivers were looking. When they saw me scrambling out, that's when Mike West kind of broke open for the touchdown.

Question: What have you learned from the close losses to Auburn and Tennessee this year that you can take into Saturday's game against Arkansas with you?

Answer: Going into the Arkansas game, I feel that we as a team should have a little soreness about losing these close games when we've got a big chance to knock off these big teams coming into our home stadium. We've just got to get prepared. I know a lot of the seniors don't appreciate it, so come Saturday night we'll go out and play hard and we'll give our effort throughout the whole game. Just a couple plays then and there in the game Saturday night kind of hurt us, but this Saturday night we've just got to take care of the ball and don't let those types of plays happen again.

Question: Is it frustrating to come so close, but have one or two plays hold you back?

Answer: It's not really frustrating, but what it does, is it let's us know as a team that we have a chance to play with these big teams. We get tired of saying we've got a chance to play with these big teams, we've just got to actually go and do it and get the job done. That's all it is, we've just got to get the job done.

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