Clary's Week Eleven SEC Predictions

Ok, now I know what you're thinking. Just when you started to really think I had something going here, I drop a 3-4 record last week. But wait, I can explain. There was a full moon, no, no wait... I didn't factor in the weather... no, no... aww crap.

Actually here's the thing. I had my first losing record of the year, and I just stunk it up. So my apologizes. And with that said, I have studied extra hard this week, and I promise to deliver. Hey, I'm still 42-10 with a 20-8 interconference record on the year. So without further adieu, here are this week's picks that I'm guaranteeing are winners.

Georgia at Auburn - The Bulldogs would have problems if they traveled to Coastal Carolina right now. Yes, Auburn looks lethargic sometimes, but Georgia lost to Kentucky. Auburn will have no problems, especially if the Georgia defense sees a healthy Kenny Irons. This one will get ugly.

Auburn 34 Georgia 14

Vanderbilt at Kentucky - Kentucky is on cloud nine right now because their first bowl game in who knows how long is in sight. Vanderbilt only allows 164 yards through the air, but Kentucky will still find ways to get in the endzone. Look for this to be a high scoring game.

Kentucky 42 Vandy 31

Alabama at LSU - If Mike Shula thinks his seat is hot right now, wait and see what a blow out will do. Losing to Mississippi State at home is inexcusable, no matter who is playing QB. I'll be shocked if Alabama gets double digits on the Tigers.

LSU 35 Alabama 7

Tennessee at Arkansas - The Vols have too many issues to go on the road and beat one of the hottest teams in the country. The Razorbacks will run, run, and run some more on this mediocre Vols rushing defense. Arkansas has Mississippi State next week, and if they win these two games, they'll lock up the SEC-West. Hey Tennessee, here's a hint, they're going to run, but you still won't stop them.

Arkansas 28 Tennessee 14

USC at Florida - I keeping hearing from everyone how this Florida offense is struggling and not connecting on all cylinders. Well, sometimes it takes going against a defense that can't stop the run on 3rd and longs to fix your problems. I don't expect the Gators to put up very impressive numbers, but they won't struggle either.

I've been wanting to see what would happen if both Blake Mitchell and Syvelle Newton play at the same time, and I might get my wish this weekend. The problem is when you try out a new scheme or starting QB, you generally aren't successful right off the bat, especially when you go on into the Swamp. The Gamecocks will have to find a way to stop a pass rush that has 26 sacks in nine games.

If the Gamecocks can convert a score on special teams and stop Tim Tebow in the redzone, this game will be close. I just don't think the Gamecocks will have enough and once again will come up just short.

Florida 27 USC 17

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