Rice Excited About First Trip To Swamp

Sophomore wide receiver Sidney Rice has steadily worked his way out of an early season slump, after not being much of a factor against SEC competition in the first half of the season. Rice has now totaled 17 receptions for 267 yards and 2 touchdowns over the past three weeks, and he is looking forward to making his first career trip to "The Swamp" this weekend. Read inside for Rice's comments.

Question: Can you talk about this weekend's match up against Florida?

Answer: We're going to try to beat these guys. Down in Gainesville, we know it's real loud down there, and they're going to be ready to play. They're one of the top three or four teams in the nation or something like that, but we're going to come prepared to play.

Question: Would upsetting the Gators on their home field kind of make up for the close losses to the other ranked teams you've played this year?

Answer: It would be real exciting, but it wouldn't take away the disappointment from the other teams we lost to. It would be real exciting.

Question: Is becoming bowl eligible something that is on your minds heading into this final stretch of games?

Answer: We talk about it sometimes, but it's not something we talk about a whole lot, because we know we're just going to keep going one game at a time until we do get eligible for a bowl.

Question: Is this your first time going down to Florida, and are you excited about it?

Answer: Yeah, this is my first time going. I'm ready for it. They say it's real, real loud, so it's going to be exciting.

Question: Last year the coaches gave you guys a week off from winter conditioning when you beat the Gators. Are there any similar incentives this year?

Answer: We really don't need any incentives when everybody wants to win, so it's just something for us that we want to win.

Question: Are you looking forward to going against any one particular player in the Florida secondary?

Answer: Not really, it's just going out there and playing football.

Question: Is there any difference between the balls that Syvelle Newton throws and the ones that Blake Mitchell does?

Answer: No, both of them throw the ball real well. About the only difference is Syvelle can scramble a lot better… Syvelle can throw it a little harder. That's about the only difference though.

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