Commentary: Yet Another Moral Victory?

Instead of complaining about finding another way to lose a close game, or how the delay of game call that took away a field goal was *expletive*, or that once again the Gamecock defense couldn't get off the field, I am choosing to look at the positives that the Florida game showed me.

- Blake Mitchell was outstanding. So much for this so-called quarterback controversy in the spring. Mitchell picked apart zone coverage and was the leader on the field the Gamecocks have needed him to be. He gave the ball to nine different wide receivers, instead of just focusing in on Sidney Rice, which is what everyone said was the only thing he could do.

- The offensive line played not just average, not better than average, but really well. No sacks and over 100 yards on the ground is more than good enough for me every time. This was easily their best performance, and it was against a very talented Florida defensive front. It's nice to see this group come such a long way.

- Freddie Brown is becoming another sure-handed wide reciver. He had two big catches on the final drive and is gaining confidence every game. His run blocking up field is also improving.

- How good are Rice and McKinley!

- It's nice to see Mike Davis running well again. The Gator killer is a name now deserving for him, and hopefully he and Cory Boyd can become another top running back duo in the country.

- Jasper Brinkley is too good.

- This game helped in recruiting because players in Florida got a first hand look at a team that should have beaten the mighty Gators in the swamp in just the second year of Spurrier's tenure at South Carolina. Spurrier even made reference to this after the game.

I could have gone into how frustrating it was to watch the penalties down the stretch or the defense's inability to know who's in or out on certain defensive plays, but instead I'm choosing to be happy.

I can now say with full confidence that I truly believe this team will beat Middle Tennessee State and somehow, someway, have a very close game with Clemson. I don't know how that's possible, but I truly believe it.

You can choose to be down and complain when you go back to work, or you can take these notes that I've given you, look to the future like I am, and be a happy Gamecock.

By the way, I'm getting sick of having to do this too.

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