Welcome To Rivalry Week

The annual, season ending clash between hated rivals South Carolina and Clemson is upon us. There is no love loss between these two institutions of higher learning in the great state of South Carolina, and while trash talk influenced by a genuine dislike of the other occurs year round, the level of animosity reaches an all time high in the week leading up to the game.

The rivalry often pits friend against friend, brother against brother, and occasionally even husband against wife, but if for this week only, all that matters is whether you bleed garnet or orange. Simply put, welcome to rivalry week.

It is no secret that Clemson has held the upper hand on the gridiron in recent years, but in a rivalry that has brewed for over a century, the roots run too deep for either side to surrender an inch of pride to the other. While there is no arguing that Clemson has owned the in-state battle by winning the last four contests and claiming eight out of the last nine, both sides will agree that the rivalry is headed in a positive direction. South Carolina and Clemson have historically both fielded perennially average teams, but with Steve Spurrier and Tommy Bowden elevating the talent level and subsequently the play on the field, the future bodes well for both programs. With both programs fielding a winning, attractive product, the rivalry will undoubtedly reach new heights and gain its deserved recognition on the national stage.

The rivalry will receive just that - the national stage - when ESPN televises Saturday's match up between South Carolina (6-5) and Clemson (8-3). Beyond the rivalry storyline, both teams will have a lot to play for on Saturday. South Carolina, who secured their sixth win of the season on Saturday to become bowl eligible, will be playing for the all-important bowl positioning, while Clemson, who held BCS ambitions earlier in the season before hitting a second half slump, still hopes to achieve a ten win season if they can win out.

The lines are drawn. America will be watching. Bragging rights are on the line. Welcome to the 104th annual edition of South Carolina - Clemson rivalry week in the Palmetto State.

Game Information:

Where: Clemson Memorial Stadium

When: 12 p.m. Saturday


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