Clary's Week Thirteen SEC Predictions

Heading into the final week of the season with a 48-11 record, including a 23-9 SEC vs SEC mark, is pretty good in my opinion. But like Coach Spurrier says, it's about finishing. I've carefully studied these match ups, and without further ado, here are the final regular season picks.

Oh yeah, please don't be mad at me if I pick someone you don't like. Remember, I'm paid to make picks, but believe me when I say I hope I'm wrong occasionally.

Georgia Tech at Georgia - The Dawgs looked good against Auburn, but has a week off actually hurt Georgia? GT has looked impressive after the whipping they took from Clemson. The game is in Georgia, so it should be close, but it comes down to one simple factor. Can Reggie Ball play well or not? If he does, GT wins and vice versa.

GT 28 Georgia 24

Florida at FSU - Throw out the records right? WRONG! FSU is terrible, and Florida's pass rush will get to Weatherford enough to keep him rattled. Florida wins big.

Florida 35 FSU 14

Kentucky at Tennessee - Kentucky will score, but Tennessee is too good this year to lose at home to the Wildcats. Look for the Vols Defense to have a surprisingly good game.

Tennessee 38 Kentucky 21

Miss. St. at Ole Miss - A slap fight. Don't waste your time with this slug fest. The Bulldogs are better with Hennig at QB, and Ole Miss will still have a little LSU on their mind. Mississippi State shocks the world, or at least Mississippi.

Miss St. 17 Ole Miss 16

LSU at Arkansas - It will be interesting to see what type of game this turns into, seeing that for once Arkansas is the favorite. With national title hopes still on the line, the Hogs should come out inspired and determined. Arkansas is getting better because a passing game is starting to trickle in, but LSU gives up only 153 yards in the air per game. If the Hogs can develop any sort of an air attack, they should win by 10, but if not, this game could come down to the last play. The top two rushing attacks in the SEC will battle it out in a classic

Arkansas 27 LSU 26

USC at Clemson - Red zone scoring, Red zone scoring, Red zone scoring. Get my point? Which ever team can convert touchdowns instead of field goals once in the red zone will win this game. I expect both teams to drive down the field on the other one. I expect Clemson to run well and for USC's passing attack to shine.

USC must find away to keep Gaines Adams a non factor. Double team him, use three-step drops, anything to keep Adams from chasing the momentum.

In the past, Clemson has dominated not only the scoreboard, but the level of play as well. That is, until last year when Spurrier came in. For the first time in forever, the Gamecocks outplayed the Tigers. I expect the same thing this year.

Finally, the Gamecocks MUST prevent a long touchdown run or pass. C.J. Spiller can change a game with one run. USC must make Clemson earn their points.

I could break this game down for hours, but these are just some key highlights.

What do I expect? Well, like I said, I hope I'm wrong.

Clemson 24 USC 23

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