Streaks Are Made To Be Broken

Streaks, whether you like them or not, they are a part of life. I'm sure you have heard the saying, "I've just had a streak of bad luck these days," or vice versa. Well, whichever side of the streak you were on, whether good or bad, just like a streak on your window, it has to end sooner or later. The question is when?

As a Carolina fan, there is no secret of the success that Clemson's football program has had against us in the course of 100 plus years of football. Heck, just the last ten years there is no secret of success that they have had against our program. Today the Tigers are facing the daunting task of extending and matching the longest winning streak in the history of this rivalry, a streak that has not been matched in sixty-six years. Some of the Clemson protagonists have called it dominance, but if we look at 90% of those games, many were still in the balance going into the final minutes. I wouldn't call it dominance. In my opinion, dominance would mean every game was a blow out. It would mean none were close. It would mean none were a nail biting situation. It would mean never holding hands as fans praying for a victory. In "some" cases, the better team won. In other cases, a few lucky bounces, missed calls, close calls, no calls here and there, and Clemson came out as winners.

Yes, there have been some blowouts, but that has happened on both ends. In my opinion, those lucky bounces came from Tiger teams that believed in "the streak". They knew somehow the ball was going to bounce their way because of "the streak." They believed in the so called "dominance." But just like Mike Tyson, the great Muhammad Ali, Ben Hogan's 11 match streak, or Pete Sampras' dominance, all streaks one day had to come to an end. The question is when? The answer lies within the team that walks on that field, not believing in history, but believing in themselves; Believing in a game plan that coaches have put together; A team of players that knows their teammates are counting on them to do their part of that game plan; A team that when adversity arises, they don't allow "history" to say, "Here we go again;" A team that grabs destiny by the horns and tells destiny, "destiny, today we begin our dominance. Today we start our own "streak." This is a team that doesn't say "Wait until next year," but instead believes, "This is next year."

Will that team walk on the field and show up today in Death Valley? We won't know until about 3:00 or 3:15 p.m. this afternoon. One thing we do know is streaks have got to end sooner or later.

Let's not forget one of the most famous streaks in the history of sports. The infamous "Curse of the Babe." The Boston Red Sox World Series Championship drought extended 50 plus years, but one day a team took destiny by its horns and said, "Forget history. Forget the ‘dominance' the Yankees have had on us. Forget the fact we are down 3 – 0 in the best of seven series to get to the World Series." That Red Sox team believed that streaks one day had to be broken and one day would come to an end. They became World Champions! They believed in the slogan, "Why not us?" So today in the words of our general, "Why not us, why not the university of South Carolina?"

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