Shrine Bowl Post Game: Brian Maddox

T.L. Hanna (Anderson, SC) 4-star running back Brian Maddox did not have quite the day he was hoping for in Saturday's 23-16 loss to North Carolina in the 70th edition of the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas, as he totaled 4 carries for 10 yards and 1 reception for 27 yards on the day. However, despite the disappointing loss, Maddox still thoroughly enjoyed his Shrine Bowl experience. caught up with the Sandlappers' tailback for a quick interview after the game:

Question: Can you sum up your Shrine Bowl experience this week?

Answer: It was a great experience to hang out with all of the great players. The visit to the Shrine Hospital was a great experience. It really left you speechless. I just had a real great time.

Question: What are your thoughts on the game today?

Answer: We just turned the ball over a little too much. That happens sometimes, but overall I think we did decent.

Question: Since this is an all-star game, does it still hurt to lose, or do you try to have fun and enjoy it regardless?

Answer: It's fun, but it still hurts to lose.

Question: How was it this week playing alongside several guys you know you will be playing with on the next level?

Answer: It was great. When I saw Cliff (Matthews) lay that quarterback out, I was like, ‘He's going to do that for the next four or five years at the University of South Carolina.'

Question: It seemed like the running backs were rotated every series on offense out there, and as a result, you never really got into a groove today. Would you agree?

Answer: Yeah, that's how it worked. They rotated the running backs pretty much every series. It's an all-star game. Everybody has to play. That was a little hard for me, because I‘ve never rotated really back at (T.L.) Hanna, but that‘s alright.

Question: Did anybody particularly catch your eye with their performance in today's game?

Answer: Cliff (Matthews), Travian (Robertson), and Jason Barnes all really looked good out there."

Question: After working with him this week on offense, are you looking forward to running behind Kyle Nunn in the coming years?

Answer: Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to that. He's a good lineman out there.

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