Shrine Bowl Post Game: Travian Robertson

Scotland (Laurinburg, NC) 4-star defensive end Travian Robertson helped lead North Carolina to a 23-16 win over the Sandlappers in Saturday's 70th edition of the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas. Robertson had a stellar showing for the Tar Heels defense, as he finished the day with 4 tackles, 1 sack, and a fumble recovery. caught up with Robertson for a quick interview after Saturday's game.

Question: How would you sum up your Shrine Bowl experience this week?

Answer: It was fun. The most fun thing was going to the hospital and meeting the kids, but throughout the week it was so fast. We just practiced, practiced, and worked hard. We worked hard to win it, so it was just crazy.

Question: What does this win mean for you and your teammates?

Answer: It feels good. We worked so hard, so all of us can go our separate ways now knowing that we all got a victory for North Carolina.

Question: What was it like going up against guys that you know you will be playing with on the next level?

Answer: It was just crazy. It was hard, because when Cliff (Matthews) lined up in front of me, I was like, ‘Do I block hard?' But then I was like, ‘I've got to do whatever it takes,' and he said he had to do whatever it takes. It just feels so good knowing that we're going to be playing together. It's just amazing.

Question: Had you met a lot of these guys before this week?

Answer: Oh yeah, Cliff (Matthews) and all the people in North Carolina. I'd seen most everybody at camps before. There's a lot of guys from the South Carolina team I've met too.

Question: Will you take the bragging rights from today and use that to talk some trash in the future?

Answer: Oh yeah, we'll talk about it a lot of times. In the future, we'll have a lot of talks about this. We've been bragging about it a lot during the week.

Question: Now that the Shrine Bowl is over, are you looking forward to enrolling in South Carolina in January?

Answer: Oh yeah, I'm ready for it now.

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