Freeman Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Pearl River Community College (Poplarville, MS) 4-star wide receiver Larry Freeman is set to join the Gamecocks later this week, and the 6'2, 220 pound standout will be asked to come in and make an immediate impact after the recent departure of Sidney Rice to the NFL. However, according to those that have seen Freeman in action, that won't be a problem. Read inside for full story.

The athletic Freeman, who runs a 4.5 second forty yard dash, will arrive at USC this weekend, and he is excited about helping the Gamecocks compete for an SEC Championship in the fall.

"I'll be getting up there on Saturday. I'm looking forward to getting into the workouts and starting that as soon as possible," said Freeman. "My goal is to just step in and help the team win. We want to become a winning program and win the SEC next year. I want to do my job and help the other people around me get better and stuff like that."

While Sidney Rice will not soon be forgotten by the Gamecock faithful, Freeman believes that he can help fill that loss by bringing his own unique strengths to the table.

"I'm just going to go out there and do what I'm capable of doing, like catching balls and breaking tackles. I just want to do the things that I can do to help the team out."

Coach Tim Hatten, who coached Freeman at Pearl River for the last two seasons, believes that South Carolina is getting a special player in Freeman.

"He's a big 6'2, 220 pound physical kid at wide receiver. He has great hands, and he's got good speed.," said Hatten. "Larry was our back up quarterback, and he ended up with 700 some odd yards receiving last year. His numbers were down because I played him at quarterback when I had a kid go down and get hurt. He played four games at quarterback for us and just helped us out in a huge way. He probably could have played five positions for us. He's that talented. He's just a real versatile athlete. He was a great baseball and basketball player in high school, and he's just a do-everything guy."

According to Hatten, Freeman possesses a unique skill set as a receiver, and he expects him to thrive in Steve Spurrier's offense at South Carolina.

"He's just a big, physical kid. He's hard to press cover, and he blocks real well on the perimeter. His size and strength are probably his biggest assets, along with his hands. He's got big hands. He's got the best pair of hands you'll see. He's just so hard to bring down after the catch. I think he's going to be a major part of the offense at South Carolina. He's going to enjoy that system, and I really think he'll thrive in that system."

When told about South Carolina's need for Freeman to make an immediate impact after the departure of Sidney Rice to the NFL, Hatten had little doubt that his former playmaker is up for the challenge.

"There's no doubt in my mind he can make an immediate impact at South Carolina. A community college kid from our program is not like a community college kid from a lot of other programs. We were the pre-season number one team in the nation, and we got beat in the national championship game. We won the national championship in 04', and we've lost only four games in the last four years. We've got some talented, talented players on this football team, and a lot of the people I've watched play on Saturday don't have the talent at the skill positions that we have. Larry will step in, and he'll make an immediate impact. I don't think he'll have any problem with the speed of the game, because he's used to that. I think he's going to be real physical, so I look for him to step in and really, really be a major player for South Carolina."

Lastly, Freeman, who totaled over 1,500 total yards this past season, shared a taste of what Gamecock fans can expect to see from him beginning in the fall.

"I'm a mad man. I'm just physical. I like going across the middle, and I have good hands. Get ready for Showtime at the Apollo."

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