Change of Plans For Williams

Westlake (Atlanta, GA) 3-star cornerback Addison Williams was one of South Carolina's first commitments in the 2007 recruiting class, and the standout defensive back graduated from high school last month with plans of enrolling at USC in January. However, things did not quite work out as planned. Read inside for full story.

The 5'9, 170 pound Williams, who had hoped to get a jump start on his college career by taking part in spring practice, will not be able to join the Gamecocks until the summer now due to USC running out of available slots for mid-year transfers.

"It's pretty much that they ran out of slots for people to come in mid-year," said Williams. "At first there was expected to be more with a couple guys graduating, but they didn‘t graduate. Therefore, the last couple slots are not open."

Williams is not alone in having to wait until the summer to arrive at USC, as fellow defensive back commitment Sam Pope is in the same boat.

"Actually there's two of us that are waiting right now. There's me and a JUCO defensive back, Sam Pope. Both of us are just waiting for the summertime now."

Despite the frustrating circumstances, Williams maintains that he is still firm in his commitment to the Gamecocks.

"Yeah, through it all, I'm still firm."

Williams has kept in close contact with Coach Ron Cooper, his recruiter and future position coach at USC, throughout the recent turn of events, and Williams now plans to arrive in Columbia for the first session of summer school.

"When I talked to Coach (Ron) Cooper, he talked about me coming in for the first semester of summer school. That way I'd be able to take enough hours to cover the semester I'm going to miss that I would have been taking. Actually, him and Coach (Steve) Spurrier are going to be coming down here in the next couple of weeks to visit."

Lastly, Williams stated that he intends to put his time off to good use by working hard over the next several months.

"I'm going to work out. I'm going to use this time to pretty much get bigger, stronger, and faster."


- There is still an outside shot that Williams could join the team in January if one of the current mid-year transfers does not receive NCAA Clearinghouse approval.

- USC's seven mid-year enrollees are defensive tackle Ladi Ajiboye, offensive lineman Ryan Broadhead, wide receiver Larry Freeman, quarterback Stephen Garcia, defensive end Clifton Geathers, defensive end Travian Robertson, and defensive tackle Jonathan Williams.

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