Edwards Eyeing USC

<B>Barrington Edwards</B> is one of the nation's top running backs and he is taking a hard look at South Carolina.

Barrington Edwards is thought by many people to be the top running back in the nation. Whether he is or not is the subject for a good debate, but what is not debatable is that Edwards is a special talent. He has a combination of size and speed that is uncanny at this level, or any level for that matter. His 3.98 shuttle time at the Nike Camp in Penn State was spectacular. That burst really shows in his running style as he bounces around tacklers quicker than most 210+ pound running backs should be able to. He is being courted by some of the top schools in the country, and 3 of them have started to creep to the forefront.

"I'm starting to narrow things down a bit," said Edwards. "Maryland, Michigan State, and Georgia are probably my top 3 right now. I've also started talking with Miami a little bit. They're running back situation looks a little thin right now, but I'm not sure how hard they are going to recruit me this season. I also like South Carolina. They run the ball a lot, and that's what I'm looking for."

Edwards realizes he has a great big bull's-eye on his back this season, but he's looking forward to the challenge. "We have our season opener next Thursday. It's going to be the first game of the season in the county. I'm looking forward to getting out there and playing."

There will be a lot of interested eyes on Edwards over the course of the next few months, and it all starts next week on the field.

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