Dunlap Set To Announce His College Choice

Fort Dorchester (North Charleston, SC) 5-star defensive end Carlos Dunlap is one of the most highly sought after Palmetto State prospects in recent memory, and after taking his final official visit of the recruiting process this weekend, the premier defensive lineman is now set to announce his college choice on Monday afternoon at 5 p.m. Read inside for full story.

Dunlap is currently on his way back from his official visit to Gainesville, but his father, Carlos Dunlap Sr., confirmed that his son will announce his college choice tomorrow afternoon at his high school.

"I got word from him on his way back from Florida that he is beat beyond recognition, and he wants to get this over," said Dunlap Sr. "He's going to do it first thing tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock at Fort Dorchester High School."

Dunlap Jr. made the trip to Florida with his mother this weekend, but his father, who played college basketball at South Carolina, has been outspoken in his hopes that his son will follow in his footsteps. However, according to Dunlap Sr., whichever school his son chooses, he will support his decision.

"I'm a Gamecock to the heart, but I'm going to follow whatever my son's decision is, because he is the one that has to be happy. Whatever he decides, if he's a Gamecock, then I'm a Gamecock, and if he's a Gator, then I'm a Gator. I've just got to honor his decision. It's got me very, very nervous, but it's a good nervous. Both of them are great universities, so I just close my eyes and imagine what a wonderful situation he's in. God has put him there, and now God will take him through."

Dunlap Sr. briefly spoke to his son on his way back from Florida, but that conversation did not include how Dunlap Jr. enjoyed his time in Gainesville.

"I haven't even talked to him about that. When he called, he was calling from his cell phone, and he said, ‘Daddy, I'm tired and I just want to get this over with.'"

Dunlap Sr. was originally surprised at his son's decision to move up his announcement date, because they had tentatively set the decision date for January 31st to honor the one year anniversary of the passing of Carlos Jr's grandmother. However, according to Dunlap Sr., he supports his son's decision to move up his announcement.

"We had tentatively made a decision that January 31st would be the decision, because that is the one year anniversary of the death of my mother. He and my mom were very close, so he was going to honor her in that way of making the announcement on that day. It's been so rough on him, and he's got so many people coming at him right now that he needs to focus on the other parts of his life right now. Getting his decision behind him is something that I'm encouraging him to do."

Lastly, Dunlap Sr. wanted to pass on a statement thanking everyone who has supported his son throughout the recruiting process.

"I want to thank everybody in the rivalry and everyone else for being so supportive of my son, and I want everybody just to pray for whatever decision he makes. I don't have any idea what the decision is. I'm going to be surprised, just like y'all are. I really thank you all. May God be with all of us in this time and in the shape that our world is in. I just want you to keep my son in your prayers."

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