Clements Excited To Be Part of Historic Class

Barron Collier (Naples, FL) 4-star speedster Matt Clements is excited to be a part of one of the best recruiting classes in USC football history, and he is equally as excited about the possibility of making an early impact with the Gamecocks next season. Read inside for full story.

The 6'2, 180 pound Clements has been keeping tabs on South Carolina's 2007 recruiting class, which currently ranks 6th in the nation on, and he is looking forward to getting to Columbia and competing with the top talent that USC is bringing in.

"It feels really good, and I'm looking forward to actually getting to compete against them. I'm going to be up there with the best of the best, so as far as wide receivers go, it's good. Coach (Steve) Spurrier likes getting guys out there that can stretch the field out a little bit. It should be fun when I get up there, and I'm looking forward to it."

Clements, who has been consistently timed running a sub 4.4 second forty yard dash, has kept in touch with the USC coaches, and they have told him he has a good chance to contribute next season.

"I'm keeping in touch with Coach (Robert) Gillespie, Coach (Steve) Spurrier Jr., and Coach Spurrier occasionally. They've told me that as long as I know what I'm doing and I go out there and just compete, then I have a really good shot of going up there and playing as a freshman."

When asked to describe what strengths he brings to the gridiron as a receiver, the Sunshine State standout said that he pretty much brings the complete package.

"I think I'm just a competitor, and I think I have really good speed. Side to side and up and down the field, I'm pretty quick too. I have pretty good hands, and if they throw me a jump ball, I think I can get up vertically and go up there and get it. Another thing that I take pride in is blocking. When I'm on the edge, I like blocking a lot so that the running back can get a few extra yards or break a long one. I think those are my strengths when it comes to playing wideout."

As for goals in his freshman season, Clements stated that he just hopes to work hard and get on the field as early as possible.

"I just want to work as hard as I can. I'm going to go up there and try to do the best that I can, but I haven't really set any goals as far as yards or catches. I'm just going to go up there and compete and try to get on the field and then take things from there."

Clements, who plans to arrive at USC on July 5th, said he is working hard in between now and the summer in order to show up in great shape.

"Everyday I'm working out even with basketball. I'm lifting hard, and track season is coming around, so I'll be running. I'll be in good shape when I get up there."

Clements closed by sharing a message with Gamecocks fans.

"The class of 2007 is looking good, so just get ready for a show. I'm going to go up there and give my all for the fans and for the coaches, and I know they will too. Just get ready, because we're going to bring it."

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