Garcia suspended through spring

Yesterday, freshman quarterback Stephen Garcia apologized for his actions last Thursday when he keyed a professor's car. Today, he was told that it will be another semester before he dons a Gamecock jersey.

Garcia was placed on suspension by USC football coach Steve Spurrier and will not be allowed to participate in any team activies through the end of the semester.

"He will be expected to go to class and study hall but will not participate in any spring practices or team football meetings," Spurrier said in a statement.

Yesterday, Garcia released an apology through his lawyer Neal Lourie for keying visiting professor Adam Biggs' car near the Thomas Cooper Library on Thursday.

"I want to publicly apologize to Mr. Biggs, Coach Spurrier, my teammates, the USC fans and the entire University of South Carolina. I do not make any excuses for my conduct. I am committed to changing my behavior and making positive contributions to the community," said Garcia in the statement yesterday.

The Lutz, Fl native has been arrested twice in the last two weeks. His first encounter with the law came two weeks ago when Garcia was charged with drunkenness and failure to stop on police command in front of the Knock Knock Club in Five Points.

Garcia followed that with his keying of Biggs' 2007 Toyota Corrolla on Thursday and was arrested two days later.

"I am sorry for all the events of the last couple of weeks and accept full responsibility for my actions," Garcia said in his statement.

In a statement released yesterday, Spurrier said he hoped Garcia would learn his lesson.

"Hopefully, Stephen will make an all-out effort to get his personal life in line with our other Carolina football players and eventually reach his full potential as a student-athlete," Spurrier said.

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