Garcia applies for pre-trial intervention

After three continuations in the past month, USC freshman quarterback Stephen Garcia appeared before Columbia Judge Steven Dennis on Wednesday morning and asked for Pre-Trial Intervention.

Garcia, who in the span of two weeks was charged with drunkenness, malicious injury to personal property and failure to stop on police command, had the failure to stop charge dropped and will be held responsible for the drunkenness charge from his first arrest and the damage charge from his second.

"He's taken full responsibility. He's sorry for what he's done," Garcia's attorney Neal Lourie said. "He has true remorse. He has emphasized to me several times that he apologizes to his teammates, the USC fans, his coaches and I think he is on the right path."

The highly touted recruit out of Lutz, Fla was arrested in Five Points in mid-January after attending a party at the Knock Knock Club and was caught drinking underage. Two weeks later, Garcia was arrested after keying professor Adam Biggs' 2007 Toyota Corolla near the Thomas Cooper Library on campus.

Biggs, who gave permission for Garcia to apply for PTI, asked the judge that the 19-year-old state in front of the court that he did in fact key Biggs' car. Garcia apologized to Biggs saying he was sorry for all the trouble he'd caused. As part of the program, Garcia will be required to pay for the damage done to Biggs' car, as well as possibly do community service or attend counseling run by the program.

"He's had a wake up call, and we look forward to him having a success here at Carolina," Lourie said.

Acceptance to the PTI program from 5th Circuit Solicitor Barney Giese's office could take up to 30 days Lourie said.

Escorted by his mother and father from the courthouse, Garcia's father Gary thanked those gathered for their support and said he was glad his son had the opportunity to apologize to Mr. Biggs and was ready to focus on his future at USC both on the field and in the classroom.

"Like I said in the past, he's a great kid, and you guys will learn to love him," Gary said.

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