Munnerlyn: Secondary Primed For Big Year

After playing significant snaps and gaining invaluable experience as the Gamecocks number three cornerback last season, rising sophomore Captain Munnerlyn is now stepping into a starting role this spring. The physical defender has taken his game to another level so far in spring camp, and he believes that the Gamecock secondary is primed for a big season in 2007. spoke with Munnerlyn following a recent practice, and the second year standout shared his thoughts on a variety of topics:

Question: What are the things that you're working on this spring to get better at from last year?

Answer: Really, just knowing what everybody does, like knowing where the linebackers drop and knowing what the d-linemen are doing. Last year I basically just knew what I was doing and what the safeties were doing, but now knowing what the linebackers are doing, that helps me out in my position. That's basically what I want to do is just get smarter.

Question: What's your fastest time in the forty yard dash?

Answer: In high school, I ran a 4.26. Then the summer of my senior year, I went 4.23. That was on a hand clocked time. My laser time was like 4.31. I was really upset with my forty time (4.35 in the winter), but I believe it's going to get better. I can't wait until next year to run it again.

Question: Is there anybody out here close to you in the forty yard dash?

Answer: Carlos (Thomas) thinks he is, but I tell him everyday, ‘You don't wanna see me.' He thinks he can, but I don't know.

Question: As a secondary, do you guys expect to be a better unit than last year?

Answer: Oh, yes sir. We had little shaky areas every now and then in games (last season), but this year I really think it's time to break that little streak. It's time to knock the balls down and intercept passes. I think this is the year for our secondary, because we've got Carlos Thomas, who's gotten stronger and faster. We've got Emanuel Cook and Brandon Isaac, and them two guys are great. I'm just looking forward for them to have a good year.

Question: How is Brandon Isaac looking out there after recovering from that shoulder injury?

Answer: He's looking real good right now. He's recovering real good. I'm just amazed. He's gained a couple pounds. He's about 205. He's getting bigger. I think he's going to be a real good player out here for us. He's always had a little smoothness. He's always been smooth. That's been Brandon ever since I met him, but he knows what he's doing out here. He knows the game, so I'm looking forward to seeing him play.

Question: How much better are you now with a full year under your belt?

Answer: I think I'm a whole lot better. I know everything now, so I don't think I can be stopped.

Question: Which receivers have been the toughest to cover out there?

Answer: Well, I'd have to go with Jared Cook and Kenny McKinley. With Cook, it's his size. He's physical too, so I'm physical with him. But it's his height, and I have to have just a little more jump. When I jump, I have to knock it down. I don't try to go for the interception with him. With Kenny, it's his quickness and his routes. He runs great routes. That's what's tough with Kenny. He runs real great routes.

Question: What are your impressions of new wide receiver Larry Freeman?

Answer: He looks real good out here. I was shocked. He looks real, real good. Coming out here, he's learning the offense. That shocked me, because Coach Spurrier's offense is hard to learn. He's learning it real well, and I'm impressed.

Question: What are your goals for the remainder of this spring?

Answer: Really, I just want to get out here and work hard every day to learn the defense more and more.

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