Casper Talks Move To Linebacker

Rising senior Casper Brinkley was one of South Carolina's top defensive ends a year ago, but with an infusion of new talent along the defensive line this spring, Brinkley is making the transition to outside linebacker, where he can play alongside his brother, Jasper. caught up with Brinkley after a recent practice, and the former GMC standout talked about his transition to linebacker this spring:

Question: How is the adjustment to outside linebacker going for you this spring?

Answer: Oh, it's going pretty good. It's an adjustment, but I'm learning.

Question: How comfortable do you feel with the system the defense is running?

Answer: I feel pretty good. I feel like this system fits me real well, because in our defense, I'm able to play defensive end and linebacker. It fits me pretty good.

Question: Did you do anything different in the winter workouts while gearing up for the move to linebacker?

Answer: The only thing I did different was I did a little more running, because I knew playing as a linebacker I'd have to be able to run from sideline to sideline a whole lot.

Question: Do you feel more natural now playing back at linebacker?

Answer: I had kind of settled into defensive end. I felt natural doing that, but now I'm back at linebacker, and I also feel natural at that.

Question: What goals have you set for yourself this spring?

Answer: The goals I've set for myself are to learn all my assignments, help my team as much as I can, and just build a great defense.

Question: What are your impressions of Dustin Lindsey and some of the younger linebackers stepping up this spring?

Answer: We're very excited about those guys, because all of them work hard. Dustin, you know, he's very physical, so I think he's going to be a big asset to our defense. He was gone last year, but I think it's going to be great to have him back.

Question: How do you think the linebacker corp as a whole will be this year?

Answer: This year, I think we're going to be pretty good.

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