Love in the Bleachers

There are a lot of loyal Gamecock fans who follow their favorite team wherever they play across the Southeast, but Kathleen Honeycutt has made the ultimate commitment to Carolina baseball. Last July she married the Gamecock's star pitcher, Harris Honeycutt. Keep reading to find out about what she had to say about her favorite player.

Kathleen was part of the loyal contingent of Carolina fans that made the long trek this past weekend to Gainesville Florida from South Carolina, a close-knit group that is largely made up on the longer trips of the players' families and friends.

Her husband Harris has been the undisputed ace on the mound for South Carolina thus far this season, and as the Friday night starter each week the Gamecocks have relied on him to kick off each SEC weekend series with a win.

Thus far in 2007 he hasn't let them down, running up a perfect 7-0 record this season and extending his remarkable streak to 15-0 for his career, which leaves him still undefeated as a college pitcher.

Kathleen is understandably proud of her husband's accomplishments, but the fans around her let me know she can be kind of hard on him even during a big win like he had this last Friday night against Florida. She laughed when that was said, and admitted it was true. "Someone's gotta keep him level, bring him back down and keep things real."

So what's it like being a player's wife on the college level? "It's a lot of fun," Honeycutt said, "It gives me something to do on the weekends. I teach fifth grade, and my kids and I look forward to it all week." As she has followed his career for the three seasons he has been at USC, she said there has been "Lot of ups, lot of downs, you just have to stay positive." Harris received a medical redshirt in the 2005 season after appearing in just four games that season.

Harris and Kathleen were high school sweethearts at Fuquay-Varina High School in North Carolina. Kathleen said she was attracted to his laid back personality, stating that he's very easy going, and goes with the flow. She also liked his "good sense of humor." "We're both athletic," she said, "he played baseball, and I played softball. We had a lot in common, and we instantly clicked."

Kathleen is a year older, and graduated from USC last year. She attended UNC-Wilmington her freshman year, and then transferred to USC when Harris was recruited to go there. She is now a first-year teacher at Horrell Hill Elementary School in Hopkins, a small rural community southeast of Columbia. "Harris comes to my elementary school a lot," she said, "He talks to my kids, and encourages them a lot. They love it when he comes in! Some of the other guys (on the team) have been there - Wynn Pelzer, Adam Crisp, Jay Brown, Will Atwood - a bunch of them have come in and talked to the kids."

Harris is majoring in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management at USC.

As the newlyweds approach their one year anniversary in July, Kathleen said they would love to have an early celebration in June in Omaha, where the College World Series is held each year. "We definitely do!" she said. "We're definitely looking forward to that. It's in our plans right now."

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