Jared Cook: 'Never Satisfied'

Redshirt sophomore wide receiver Jared Cook may have as much raw ability as any wide receiver in America, but he knows he is still a work in progress. Even after making some strides this spring, the 6'5", 230 pound jumbo receiver vowed that he will continue to work hard and never be satisfied until he meets his potential.

GamecockAnthem.com recently caught up with Cook, and he shared his thoughts on his progress this spring and much more:

Question: How comfortable are you with playing wide receiver in this offense now after playing a lot of tight end last season?

Answer: It's a transition. There's so many different wrinkles that's involved in it, and it's so different from the other position that I played. I've just got to get used to it with repetition.

Question: What were your goals during the spring?

Answer: Just to work hard and get better… There's always something to work on. There's always something to improve on. You can never be satisfied. I've got to work on my technique… I've got to keep working hard and improve my skills in many areas.

Question: What specific areas do you want to improve in?

Answer: (I want to work on) my route running, knowing my routes and knowing what to do, and going full speed all the time.

Question: What is it like working under Coach Steve Spurrier Jr. as a wide receiver?

Answer: I think he's a really good coach, and he really pushes me a lot. I respect that he actually coaches you. He doesn't yell at you or scream at you. He actually coaches you, and he wants to take time to make you better, because you're out there representing the best of the team.

Question: Does he push you extra hard because of your potential?

Answer: Yeah, he's trying to make me a real good player, and I respect him for that. I like coaches like that. I've just got to come out and work hard. He pushes me the best he can, and it's up to me to do what he says and listen to him.

Caption: Jared Cook makes the catch during a spring workout.

Question: Do you think that 2007 could be your year to break onto the scene?

Answer: I have the talent, but I've still got a lot of things to work on. I'm not there yet, and I've still got a lot to do. I‘ve got a lot to work on with my status out here on the field. I‘ve still got to come out and prove myself.

Question: With the loss of Sidney Rice, do you view this as your chance to establish yourself?

Answer: Somewhat. I've had my chance to establish myself in the past, but this is really an opportunity that I can capitalize on.

Question: Do you think that this offense has a chance to be one of those high-powered offenses in the fall?

Answer: Oh yeah, no doubt. There's a lot to this offense, and it can work against anybody. It's just that us as players have got to know what to do. We've got to know how to come at it.

Question: What areas do you think you've improved in the most during your time at USC?

Answer: Probably my speed and strength.

Question: I hear you're a pretty good basketball player too. Can you talk about that?

Answer: I love basketball. It's one of my first loves, but football just kind of took over.

Question: What can Gamecock fans expect to see from you when you're on the field?

Answer: I'm going to go full speed every play, run the routes the best that I can, and try to do everything 100-percent.

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