Maddox Brings Size, Speed To USC Backfield

Running back Brian Maddox was a special guest on this week's edition of GamecockAnthem Radio. Touted as one of the top backfield prospects in America this past recruiting year, Maddox, who possesses a good combination of size and speed for an incoming freshman, hopes to make an immediate contribution in the USC offense this fall. Read inside for the full transcript from this extensive interview.

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Interview with 2007 running back signee Brian Maddox:

Question: First question for you, Brian. I heard you got some exciting news about taking part in an ESPN series that showcases some of the top incoming freshman football players from around the country. Can you talk about the Summer House opportunity a little bit?

Answer: I got a call one day from some people at the ESPN production company that‘s going to be doing the show, and they asked me to be on it. It took me a while to discuss it with my family, and they said it was alright. So I jumped on that, and it should be a very exciting experience.

Question: I understand that the show is going into its' second season this year, and it's going to be filmed in New York. When are you actually going to be shooting the show?

Answer: I leave (this week) to go to New York City.

Question. That should be a great experience for you, and I know you'll make Gamecock Nation proud up there. Let's switch gears a little bit now and look toward the football season this fall. Obviously South Carolina has a pretty solid group of returning running backs heading into 2007 with Cory Boyd and Mike Davis, but I know you're a competitor, and you'll do everything you can to earn playing time this fall. What exactly have the South Carolina coaches told you about the possibility of seeing the field early and making an impact this season?

Answer: They've told me to just continue to work hard in the weight room, and (when I arrive on campus) come to the workouts and go to class and stuff like that. I need to take the time to study the playbook and all that stuff, and they said I would get on the field fairly early.

Question: It's no secret that you were one of the most highly touted running back prospects in the country this past recruiting class, and you've got a unique skill set out of the backfield. Why don't you give our listeners a little taste of what they can expect from you this season. What strengths would you say you bring to the football field as a running back?

Answer: The strengths that I would say I bring to the table are that I can catch the ball. I'm a bigger back. I'm very fast. I'm powerful. I'm strong. You've got to have all those to be successful in the SEC as a running back.

Question: I've watched your film and seen you play some in person, and obviously you can do a lot of exciting things with the ball in your hands. Is there any player that you tend to model your game after on the football field?

Answer: I'd say Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch.

Question: Okay, I've got a two part question for you, Brian - When did you first start playing football, and when exactly did you realize that you wanted to pursue a future in football?

Answer: I started playing football when I was eight years old, and I knew starting in twelve and under (league) that football was what I wanted to do with my life - First to get a college scholarship playing football at a D-I school and then to make it to the NFL.

Question: I'm sure you're excited about taking your game to the next level this fall and competing against some of the best talent in the country in the SEC. With that in mind, what kind of personal goals have you set for yourself in your upcoming freshman season?

Answer: Just to make a big contribution to the team. I want to get the ball enough times. I would like to score maybe five times or more. It could be even more than that, but we'll just have to see how things go once I get out there practicing with the team.

Question: I know you've got some buddies that have already joined the team workouts like Quintin Richardson, Cliff Matthews and Mark Barnes. But with your obligation to film Summer House, when exactly do you plan to arrive at USC and begin working out with the team?

Answer: I plan to arrive at USC July the 5th, and I'll begin working out with the team that following Monday.

Question: I know you're a workout warrior, and you pride yourself in your strength and conditioning. So what have you been doing over the past few months to basically gear up for the 2007 season?

Answer: I've been working out a lot. I just recently got my summer workout book from Coach Mark Smith, and I've been doing that. (Last week) was my first week doing that. It's been kind of tough, but you've got to do it.

Question: I've heard that once you get on campus, those workouts are taken to a whole different level. Has anyone told you what to expect with USC's strength and conditioning program under Mark Smith?

Answer: Yeah, Travian (Robertson) has told me a whole bunch about Coach Smith and how hard the workouts will be. Moe Brown has too.

Question: I know I talked to you right before signing day, and you said you had been running some pretty impressive times in the forty yard dash. What is the best forty yard dash time that you've ever recorded?

Answer: 4.35 is my best time. I ran track in the spring to work on my speed, but I didn't participate in any meets. I just practiced with the team so I wouldn't risk pulling anything in a meet.

Question: Okay, let's take a quick look back at the recruiting process for you. Obviously you could have gone to just about any school in the country, as you had offers from Florida, Florida State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, NC State and several others. But what was it about South Carolina that stood out to you and helped you decide to commit to the Gamecocks way back last June?

Answer: The main thing is the coaching staff. They do a phenomenal job. Coach Steve Spurrier is going to take us to an SEC Championship and I think a National Championship. Coach Smith is just a workout warrior. He makes us work hard, and it shows on the field. I can't forget Coach (Robert) Gillespie either. He's a cool guy. He's been with me a long time in the process, him and Coach (Fred) Chatham both. They just seem like real great coaches.

Question: You and Quintin Richardson both clearly went above and beyond the call of duty in this past recruiting class and were great ambassadors for the South Carolina football program, talking with other prospects and letting them know how they could be a part of something special at South Carolina. Was it extra special for you seeing how the 2007 recruiting class came together to become arguably the best class in the history of the South Carolina football program?

Answer: Oh yeah, that meant a lot to me. I know it meant a lot to Quintin too. We tried really hard on people like Stephen Garcia, Travian, Chris Culliver and people like that. That really helped.

Question: I know there were a bunch of future Gamecocks down at that Offense-Defense Game in Fort Lauderdale. Was that a pretty fun experience for you getting get to know those guys better?

Answer: Yeah, that was real fun being there with all the other commits. It was just a real fun time to be practicing with each other and getting to know each other better.

Question: I'm sure you built a lot of great friendships through the recruiting process, so have you kept in touch with any of your fellow 2007 signees over the past few months here?

Answer: I've kept in touch with Quintin. I talk with Travian a whole heck of a lot. I talk with Stephen every once in a while. That's basically it.

Question: Alright, I've just got a few more questions for you here, Brian. Getting back to the upcoming football season, when you look at South Carolina's 2007 schedule, is there a certain game that stands out to you where you just say, ‘I can't wait to play against those guys'

Answer: That LSU game is the game I'm looking forward to. It's just how loud it's going to be. I've never been on the field in an atmosphere like that. I just think it'll be a great, competitive game between the two teams.

Question: Being up there in the upstate, I‘m sure you've had to deal with your share of Clemson fans, so how sweet was it for you personally to see Carolina knock off Clemson in Death Valley last season?

Answer: It was real good. I was very excited. When Jad Dean missed that field goal, me and my father jumped up and down, high-fiving and stuff, and all the Clemson fans had little, droopy faces.

Question: I remember you donned a #10 jersey at your announcement when you first committed to the Gamecocks last June. Is that the jersey number you're going to be wearing at Carolina this fall?

Answer: Yeah, that's the jersey number I'm going to be wearing with the Gamecocks. Coach Spurrier told me that's OK, and that's what I'm going to wear.

Question: Speaking of jerseys, what are your thoughts on South Carolina's new Under Armour uniforms that they'll be wearing this season?

Answer: They're sweet. They're real great jerseys. I can't complain about that at all. Under Armour's a great clothing line, and they do a phenomenal job.

Question: I know you've seen first hand the excitement that's brewing in Columbia right now, Brian. Everyone in South Carolina is excited about the direction of the Gamecock football program under Steve Spurrier and the potential to do things that have never been done before in Columbia like win an SEC Championship and possibly even contend for a national championship. How excited are you about coming into a situation like that where you can be a part of something special and help USC reach those goals?

Answer: I'm definitely excited, but you also have to work hard in the offseason and when you report to camp. You've just got to work hard to make it there. It doesn't come easy.

Question: That's a good mindset to have. I know this class as a whole has a lot of character and leadership qualities that will help you all on the college level. I've just got one more question for you, Brian. Obviously the Gamecock Nation is excited about you arriving in Columbia in the next few months here. Is there any message you'd like to pass on to the South Carolina fans before you go?

Answer: Get ready. Here I come.

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