USC Issues Statement on Special Admissions

University reiterates plan for examining special-admissions process for student-athletes.

The University of South Carolina Thursday reiterated statements from earlier this week that it plans to refine its special-admissions process for student-athletes to the satisfaction of the administration, faculty and head coaches.

Appropriate university officials, including President Andrew Sorensen, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Mark Becker, Director of Athletics Eric Hyman, faculty representatives, head coaches and others, will expedite discussions concerning the matter and will present any recommendations to President Sorensen by the end of September. The recommendations will then be shared with the Board of Trustees and others.

Head football coach Steve Spurrier said, "I feel positive President Sorensen and the university administrators will revise our recruiting process to where we're all satisfied and we can eagerly and enthusiastically go about our business in recruiting."

Provost Becker said, "We are continuing our ongoing discussions with Athletics, Admissions and the faculty Committee on Special Admissions to refine the special-admissions process so that it better serves all parties. I am confident that we will see the new process in a timely manner and that it will well serve all of the interests of the university."

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