Lemuel Jeanpierre Talks Life On The O-Line

After playing most of his football career on the defensive line, redshirt sophomore Lemuel Jeanpierre is making the transition to foreign territory this fall - the interior offensive line. Read inside for Jeanpierre's comments on how the transition to offense is going thus far, how he progressed during the summer, what his goals are for the 2007 season and much, much more.

GamecockAnthem.com recently caught up with Lemuel Jeanpierre, and he discussed a variety of topics on the upcoming football season:

Question: How'd the summer go for you gearing up for the transition to the offensive line?

Answer: It was a pretty good summer for me learning everything and working really hard. A lot of the O-line helped me out. Coach Hunt helped me out a lot. I just continued to work hard in the offseason, and everything's going pretty good right now.

Question: What all were you able to do during the summer to prepare yourself for working on the offensive line this fall?

Answer: I came in and watched tape. I went up to Coach Hunt's office and went over some plays to kind of give me a head start. I put in a lot of extra time to getting ready for this season.

Question: What goals have you set for yourself this season?

Answer: My first goal is to just understand everything and get it down first. The goals after that will fall into place. If I play hard, I think I can get a starting role. The best people are going to play. That's what's important.

Question: I know that you'd never played offensive line before making this transition, so how do you think your adjustment is going so far?

Answer: Right now I think my adjustment is pretty good, because like you said, I've never played offensive line before. I think it's going pretty good. I can't really compare it to anything else, because when I first started playing D-line, I could just fly around. On offense, now I have to be more precise. I have to know who I'm blocking, make sure I get there and take my right steps.

Question: You mentioned that some of the other offensive linemen helped you out this summer. Which guys really stepped up and showed you the ropes?

Answer: Everybody pitched in. A lot of people on the O-line either played there in high school or knew the plays already. Jamon (Meredith), Justin Sorenson, Garrett (Anderson), JT (James Thompson) - Everybody pitched in when they could. When we went through drills, they helped me with my technique because I really didn't know anything.

Question: I've heard the offensive line is a really tight knit group. Can you talk about that a little bit?

Answer: We're all really close. They welcomed me right in there. I came from defense on the other side of the ball, and they welcomed me in like I was family already. They've all helped me out the best they can because we all want to win.

Question: What do you think about Coach Spurrier's comments saying that you could potentially start at one of the guard spots this year?

Answer: I take it as a challenge. It's now a goal for me. It's a big compliment that he said that, but I take it personally. Now that he's given me that compliment, it's my job to not make him into a liar. It's now my goal to become a starter, but nothing's given to me. I've got to go out and compete just like everybody else.

Question: Obviously the offensive line has gotten off to a slow start each of the last two years, but what have you guys done as a unit to try and get off to a better start this season?

Answer: We all worked really hard this summer. We heard what people were saying, and we took it as a challenge to work harder. We're hoping it's going to pay off, and we think it will pay off.

Question: I know you've been a real workhorse in the weight room under Mark Smith. How would you describe your mental and physical progress since you arrived here in 2005?

Answer: Mentally I got a lot tougher through my redshirt workouts. I came in thinking I was pretty strong and I knew I had a good work ethic, so I didn't think any workout would be too tough. That redshirt really opened my eyes though about being able to do this and that and go everyday. I've gotten a lot stronger since then, and it's helped me out a lot. I'm progressing to get stronger and stronger everyday in the weight room, as well as bigger and faster.

Question: How much weight have you actually put on since coming to USC?

Answer: Coming in I weighed 245, and now I weigh 300 pounds.

Question: Looking forward to the 2007 season, is there a certain game that stands out to you where you just can't wait to get out there and play those guys?

Answer: Florida. We lost a close game to Florida last year, and I want them again. That hurt me a lot. I say that's probably my game, because I come from that state. I really want to win that one.

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