Norwood Always Looking To Improve

Sophomore defensive end Eric Norwood broke onto the scene last season with a stellar rookie year, on his way to garnering multiple Freshman All-American honors. Now, with Jordin Lindsey's eligibility in question, Norwood will be asked to play an even larger role on the Gamecocks' defensive line in 2007. Read inside for Norwood's comments on the d-line's progress early in fall camp and much more. caught up with Norwood following USC's scrimmage on Wednesday night, and he shared his thoughts on a variety of topics:

Question: Coach Spurrier said that the offense had a pretty lousy performance in the scrimmage, but how'd you feel about the defense's showing?

Answer: We felt that we could've played more consistent. We try to get all the guys to do the right thing, because if we can't get all eleven to do the right thing, then there's going to be a breakdown somewhere.

Question: Is the offensive line struggling sort of a compliment to you guys?

Answer: No, that's just inexperience, but as the weeks progress they'll get better.

Question: How's the defensive line looking as a whole right now?

Answer: We're looking pretty good. We're trying to get better everyday, whether it's pass rush, run (defense), flexibility or whatever it may be.

Question: How are the new guys looking out there?

Answer: They look pretty good. All of them look pretty good. They're all pretty much in good shape and are just flying around.

Question: How do you think the defense has progressed in the first week and a half of practice?

Answer: We've got more guys doing the right thing. We've got more guys doing the little things right. That's going to help us a lot, because small details are what stop big plays.

Question: This was the first real scrimmage action for the first team players, so what were your impressions of the defensive line's performance?

Answer: Overall, we played pretty good, but at times we got tired running down the field. We've just got to keep up that mental toughness and not forget our assignments.

Question: With Jordin Lindsey's eligibility in question, is Casper Brinkley practicing with you guys at defensive end?

Answer: No, not right now he's not. I know Travian Robertson and Clifton Geathers are over there, and they're doing a pretty good job. They'll fill in good if they have to.

Question: With Lindsey not out here, Travian Robertson's been running with the first team defense. What are your thoughts on him, and how much has he progressed since the spring?

Answer: He's progressed a lot. He's getting his assignments down more, and he's playing faster. He doesn't have to think as much as he did during the spring when he first got here. I think that spring really helped him out a lot.

Question: What's it like having Marque Hall back on the interior?

Answer: It's great. It's real good. He gets that pressure up front. Him, (Nathan) Pepper, Ladi (Ajiboye), they get that pressure up front, and they flush it out to us.

Question: Now that you're in your second year, what is Brad Lawing doing to help you progress even more?

Answer: He's moving me around on the defense, coaching me harder and coaching me more intense than he did last year. He's giving me more freedom to get loose on the defense, but to keep my contain and keep my technique.

Question: What are you working to improve on between now and the start of the season?

Answer: Between now and the start of the season, (I'm going to work on) playing faster and playing with more aggressiveness, improving my assignments everyday and helping other players on our team get better.

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