Quick Hits With Stephen Garcia

Highly touted freshman quarterback Stephen Garcia was one of the gems of South Carolina's 2007 recruiting class, and the dual-threat gunslinger has shown off his raw ability and enormous upside throughout the first two weeks of fall camp. However, he admits that he still has a ways to go to master Steve Spurrier's complex offense. Read inside for Garcia's comments on his progress thus far.

Question: You obviously didn't get to take part in spring practice back in March and April, but do you still feel that you got somewhat of a head start by enrolling early?

Answer: I definitely think I did. Seeing what kind of defenses that teams runs and the offensive playbook and all that, I definitely think I got a little bit of an advantage.

Question: What aspects of your game are you working on to improve the most right now?

Answer: Just recognizing defenses, coverages and the offensive line's protection. That's pretty much what I've got to focus on right now.

Question: What have the coaches told you about the possibility of seeing the field this year?

Answer: They say as long as you learn the playbook and are mentally prepared, they'll give you a chance to play. I've still got to get there. I've still got a long way to go as far as being mentally ready to play, but I'm getting there.

Question: What are your early impressions of this freshman wide receiver corp?

Answer: They're unbelievable. They're going to be really special for us here, if not this year then in a couple years. Coach Spurrier's definitely excited about having them, and so are we.

Question: Have any of the older quarterbacks kind of taken you under their wing so far?

Answer: Definitely. Blake (Mitchell), Chris Smelley and (Tommy) Beecher all have done a real good job of helping me out in learning the offense, the protections and the different coverages. I roomed with Beecher last spring, so we became pretty close friends. They've been real nice to me and have taught me a lot of stuff.

Question: How comfortable do you feel with your understanding of the playbook right now?

Answer: I can still learn a lot more. We just took a test (on the playbook), and I did decent, but I could still get a lot better. I've just got to learn as much as possible.

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