F. Brown Emerging as Reliable WR Option

Heading into the start of fall practice, one of USC's biggest question marks was who would step up to help complement Kenny McKinley at the wide receiver position. However, with kickoff now just over a week away, sophomore target Freddie Brown appears to have answered that call. Though not flashy, Brown has been consistent and sure-handed, working with the first team offense throughout fall camp.

GamecockAnthem.com recently caught up with Freddie Brown, and he shared his thoughts on the upcoming season, the youth of the wide receiver corps and much more.

Question: You obviously got some valuable experience last year and began to emerge as the number three receiver behind Sidney Rice and Kenny McKinley in the second half of the season, but what do you think you've improved in the most since last year?

Answer: I just got experience last year by getting on the field and playing. You can't learn without experience, so the chance to get out there helped me a lot, seeing everything and understanding the speed of the game. Hopefully that experience will help me play a little bit better this year.

Question: The wide receiver corps is going to be a young group this year, but with you going into your third year in the program now, are you kind of stepping up as a leader among the receivers?

Answer: Yeah, I guess it comes with knowing everything and just being a little bit older. Me and Kenny (McKinley) have been here the longest, so we're both, and Moe Brown too, just trying to help all the young guys out as much as we can.

Question: How do you think you've done so far in fall camp?

Answer: I feel that I've done pretty good. I'm a little bit older, so I know my stuff a little bit better. I've been doing pretty much the same stuff I did last year, so I'm pretty familiar with it all.

Question: What are your impressions of the newcomers at wide receiver?

Answer: They're all good and all talented. They're just young and learning everything. They're all good players, so I think they're going to (make an impact this season).

Question: Last season it seemed like you developed a knack for finding the gaps in opponents' zone defenses, but how would you describe what type of player you are on the football field?

Answer: I just kind of take what the defense gives me. Whatever the defense gives me, I just try to take advantage of that and try not to force anything. I try to get open and be wherever I'm supposed to be so I can catch the ball.

Question: Have you set any goals for yourself this season?

Answer: I haven't set too many personal goals. I'm focusing more on team goals. I'm just going to go out there and work hard, and I'm sure everything will fall into place how it's supposed to be.

Question: Coach Spurrier has been a little frustrated with the offense's progress so far in fall camp, so what do you think the offense needs to improve in?

Answer: It's early in the year. We're all just kind of getting a feel for everything, but we should be fine by the time the season starts. We're working hard out here to get things right.

Question: How about the wide receiver corps in general? Beyond you and Kenny McKinley, there is a lot of youth and inexperience at the receiver position, so how do you see the receivers shaping up this season?

Answer: We're going to shape up good. We're all young, but everybody's learning. By the time the first couple of games come around, we'll all know what we're doing by then. Everybody will have had time to learn, so I think we'll be good.

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