Cook Reinstated, Lindsey Still Waiting

Following his hearing with the Student Judiciary Council, sophomore safety Emanuel Cook was reinstated to the University of South Carolina and the Gamecock football team on Tuesday afternoon. Steve Spurrier met with the media following Tuesday's practice to announce the decision and update the status of defensive end Jordin Lindsey.

"Emanuel Cook is going to be reinstated with the university," Spurrier said. "We appreciate the Student Judiciary [Council] that met about his situation to start with. There are certain things he's got to do, but we certainly are very happy he's with us."

Spurrier said that no one from the football team addressed the council, but they were there to offer their encouragement.

"A few players and a few assistant coaches went by to show their support," Spurrier said, "but I didn't feel like it was my place to be there."

Cook will not face any team suspension, but he will not be able to rejoin the team until he recovers from the appendectomy he had on Sunday. Spurrier is optimistic Cook will be able to return soon.

"His appendicitis will keep him out probably two weeks," said Spurrier, "so he probably won't play for a couple [games]."

Spurrier went on to say that, despite the unfortunate circumstances of the weekend, he thinks something positive can come from the situation.

"We all learned a lot in the Emanuel Cook incident with a gun," he said. "I think our players all know now, or should know, that if you see a pistol, you need to go the other direction. That's a no-no, and it's a good rule, and hopefully we all learned from what happened last week."

The resolution of Cook's case leaves only one player whose eligibility is in question. Defensive end Jordin Lindsey expects to find out soon if his waiver will be granted by the NCAA. Lindsey had a meeting Tuesday afternoon with the team's compliance director, Jennifer Stiles.

"They were meeting about Lindsey today. They were making some calls, and trying to see if we can get it resolved," said Spurrier, before adding, "We should know something before kickoff. Jennifer Stiles, our compliance director for football, Jordin Lindsey, and maybe his professors."

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